The Italian Deposits and Loans Fund: an institution to be privatised (1995)

The reasons for launching this study are primarily to assess whether an institution that, except for little changes, has remained virtually unchanged for over a century can still be considered in line with the reality of the new times and adequate to the current needs and expectations of the immediate future.

In particular, the review should consider, among the new requirements, what the most recent EU provisions and the resulting new national guidelines have required. Thus, it should concern the adaptation of the Fund to certain specific conditions and indications relating to the standardisation of credit institutions, the transparency of their procedures, the competitiveness of their actions, and the optimisation of their promotional function in the market economy. Among these aspects, the verification that the current forms and methods of resource management meet the expectations and needs of our country’s economy is of particular importance.



Chapter 1. What is the Deposits and Loans Fund?
The origin of the Deposits and Loans Fund and the establishment of the Post Office Banks
The 1983 reform
Legal nature
Its legal personality
Its current financial system

Chapter 2. European regulations on local credit and the configuration of certain European institutions similar to the Deposits and Loans Fund
From the Treaty of Rome to the first directive on credit
From the Single European Act to the Treaty of Maastricht
The experience of Crédit Local
Crédit Communal
Deposits and Loans Fund’s delays
The European directive on public service contracts

Chapter 3. How and why Deposits and Loans Fund entered the market
The new banking law
The privatisation of the institution
The privatisation of the business

Summary Document

A new direction to put the Italian Deposits and Loans Fund’s potential at the service of the national economy

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