The Cetona Community: 2000 Report

Mount Cetona, located on the Apennine ridge that divides the Siena-Radicofani plain from the Val di Chiana basin, dominates the surrounding area and represents the summit on which the Mountain Community was born and has developed. Its territory includes five municipalities: San Casciano dei Bagni, most of Cetona and Sartiano, and part of Montepulciano and Cianciano terme. This is an area inhabited since prehistoric times, a cradle of art and history, rich in myths and legends. In addition to its famous thermal waters, this land boasts another historical treasure of Tuscan lands: wine. The aim of this study is to find out whether those who live in these lands really believe they are living in a place that seems like an earthly paradise. The study on the community of Cetona shows that the inhabitants appreciate the quality of life in this area, are quite satisfied with the services offered by the local administrations and respect and focus on safeguarding their environmental heritage. However, negative notes are the request for more attention to the social problems affecting the population, the quality of social services and the spread of youth unemployment. The mountains do not appear to be a disadvantage for those who respect them, especially if the approach is to exploit a resource rather than to overcome an obstacle.







The sample

Demographic mobility

Economy and work

Quality of services and facilities

Environmental policies and issues

Policy and administration



The opinion of privileged witnesses


Chianciano Terme


San Casciano dei Bagni




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