Former Gescal funds (1996)

What are, or what should be, the boundaries between solidarity and legality, between voluntary work and public order, between public interest and private interest, between abstract forecasts and factual circumstances? These questions offer a solid starting point for entering a sector whose central reference point remains: the financial means to combat the drug emergency.  The operators have benefited from considerable funds to build the structures that they have placed at the service of their recovery activities, more or less public: we are talking about 200 billion former Gescal funds. This means private taxpayers’ money, in the case of employees, which art. 128 of the Presidential Decree 390/90 reserved for financing the recovery structures, offering the possibility of financing to three public and one private category of beneficiaries. Has the use of these funds been correct concerning the institutional purpose of the contribution? Did it give the expected results? What was the territorial distribution of the funding, were public or private structures prioritised? These are all questions that the survey attempts to answer.



Statistical analysis of interventions


Summary Document

The use of ex-Gescal funds in rehabilitation structures

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