The lesser evil (1999)

Juvenile deviance A complex phenomenon that is particularly difficult to analyse and raises a lot of attention not only in the scientific and technical community but also in public opinion. This demonstrates both interest and concern about the risks and dangers to which minors are exposed in our society. The data show that the situation, while not dramatic, is certainly worrying. After a certain downsizing of the phenomenon during the 1980s, the 1990s saw a return to the levels of the 1970s, surpassing them.
An analysis of the complaints according to the nationality of origin of the minors shows that about three quarters of the complaints concern Italian minors and the remaining quarter foreign minors. Considering the peculiar situation of each region, it emerges that Campania, Lombardy and Lazio are the regions with the highest number of complaints. The prevalence of crimes against property over all other categories of crime is overwhelming. The relationship between juvenile deviance and drug addiction is significant for the understanding of the phenomenon.


Historical background
The risk upstream of deviance (some considerations)
Analysis by nationality of the minors
Distribution of reports by region in which the act was committed
Analysis by type of offence
Social responsibility
Juvenile deviance and drug addiction: drug addicts passing through the Juvenile Justice Services
Protection of minors: inspiring principles
The first reception centre
Suspension of trial and probation
Precautionary measures
The meaning of prison

Summary Document

A study on deviance and juvenile crime in Italy

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