Survey on the development and prospects for expansion of the telecommunications market (1999)

Relationship models have always been a significant indicator of the level of evolution achieved by a community, of which they are both cause and effect. As a modern form of relationship, Telecommunications have undoubtedly imposed new dynamics and significant speed-ups in human, economic, financial, cultural, and political relations. The man of the year 2000, who is ‘integral’, indeed cannot disregard the values that technology guarantees and on which he depends in a certain sense. It is precisely the globality of users that produces standardising effects on complex and sophisticated relational bases.

Eurispes was essentially concerned with surveying the level of knowledge and sensitivity, concerning the new market segments and innovative proposals that characterise the current scenarios with their relative problems, trying to offer a virtual window on the future of the telecommunications market, after having carried out a careful analysis of the sector in the institutional and private spheres. This is a qualitative analysis aimed at reconstructing the main orientations of privileged and representative interlocutors of contemporary society, highlighting the obstacles and any solutions adopted, proposed or expected.


Chapter 1

Analysis of the evolutionary scenario of telecommunications in Italy

Chapter 2

The role of the State for a new industrial policy

Chapter 3

Analysis and application prospects in the field of defence and public order

Chapter 4

The telecommunications system in the public administration

Chapter 5

The telecommunications landscape in the Italian industrial context

Chapter 6

New applications of telecommunications systems in the world of information, communication and services

Chapter 7

The interactive frontiers of telecommunications

Summary Document

Telecommunications: current scenarios and future prospects

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