Survey on housing policies in the Lazio Region (2007)

Within the framework of its institutional competencies, the Department of Public Works and Housing Policy of the Lazio Region has decided to launch a research activity on a series of issues relating to housing policies, with particular regard to those social categories that, due to their characteristics, are, or are likely to be, in a vulnerability condition. To this end, Eurispes has produced a research report on housing policies and the forecast of public housing initiatives in the Lazio Region, which has monitored social and housing distress in the Lazio and Rome areas, highlighting the problems of those sections of the population that face more significant housing difficulties and are at the same time more exposed to the risk of marginality and social exclusion. In particular, the Report analyses the problems related to housing and specific categories: the elderly, students and immigrants.




Housing, the Region’s new commitment


An old emergency


Housing policies: a contribution to knowledge


Chapter 1

The laws on public housing


Chapter 2 The housing market in Lazio

The housing market in Lazio


Chapter 3 Interview with the Honourable Nicola Galloro

Interview with the Honourable Nicola Galloro


Chapter 4

The housing emergency in Lazio


Chapter 5

The condition of students living away from home between housing shortages, high rents and black markets

Interviews with privileged witnesses

The sample survey


Chapter 6 Immigration

Immigration in Italy and Lazio

Immigrants’ housing needs in Italy and in Lazio

Interviews with privileged witnesses


Chapter Seven

The condition of the elderly

The quality of life. The elderly and related social aspects

The housing problem

Interviews with key witnesses

Critical issues and operational proposals



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