Crime, security and juvenile deviance in Naples: analysis of a complex criminal district (2004)

The difficult economic situation is the main cause of crime in Naples: 28% of Neapolitans say so. This is followed by the lack of a legal culture (19.7%) and social distress (19%). In addition, there is a lack of sufficient presence of State Institutions (13.7%), inflexible sentences and easy prison releases (9.5%), the power of criminal organisations (4.5%) and the limited police resources (2.7%). In addition, petty crime was defined by 47.4% of Neapolitans as the most serious crime emergency in the city. Camorra was also mentioned by many (23.4%), followed by juvenile violence (9.8%) and drug trafficking (8.6%); in lower percentages, citizens mentioned illegal immigration (4.7%), paedophilia (1.6%), environmental crimes (0.6%) and prostitution (0.4%). While more than two out of three Neapolitans, 67.9%, believe that the habit of carrying knives is widespread among young people. In addition, 70% feel little or not at all safe going out alone in their neighbourhood in the evening hours; and 26.9% feel little or not at all safe doing so during the day. These are some of the most striking data emerging from the survey on the perception of legality and security among Neapolitan citizens, as reported by Eurispes.




Chapter 1

Characteristics of crime in Campania and in the Naples complex criminal district


Chapter 2

Juvenile crime between traditional deviance and discomfort of ease


Chapter 3

The Camorra: a mass urban phenomenon


Chapter 4

Sample survey: Neapolitan citizens’ perception of legality and security



Socio-economic indicators of the Campania Region


The interviews



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