Since 1989, the Italy Report has been analysing the country’s economic, political and social situation and highlighting changes and new phenomena.

The Report is structured in sections, composed of thematic fact sheets on current affairs. Each section contains an initial essay representing a reflection on the theme. The various factsheets provide an in-depth analysis of the basic essays and help to read them critically.
The volume opens with the President of the Eurispes‘ General Considerations. Starting from the results highlighted in the Report, this introduction describes the trends and prospects of the Italian economy, politics and society.
The Report is also a working and orientation tool. Each year, a number of social polarities are singled out that, for different reasons, appear to be decisive in the current situation in Italy.
In 1993, with the establishment of the European Single Market and the transformation of the Institute’s name from ISPES to EURISPES, the analysis of the Report was extended to the European context through the pages of the Europa Report.

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