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Six dichotomies to understand Italy:

The 2013 Italy Report, now in its 25th edition, has been built, as usual, around six dichotomies, illustrated through six essays accompanied by sixty phenomenological files.

With its 1,000 pages, the Report is a useful tool for interpreting Italy as it changes. The survey conducted touched on the issues and phenomena related to each of the sections that make up the Report, which have stimulated the most recent debate and the interest of public opinion. In particular, 1,500 citizens took part in the survey and contributed to outlining the framework of the orientations present in the structure of our society. The survey was carried out between 21 December 2012 and 4 January 2013.

This content is also available in: Italian


This content is also available in: Italian


The Italy of presentism
by Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes

Essay | The Unsustainable Groundlessness of Doubt
1. Citizens’ trust in institutions (Survey)
2. Towards the Third Republic? The party system in Italy: between legitimacy and representation
3. The civil servant: guardian of democracy
4. Public employees and merit denied
5. Women in power: a slightly too exclusive club
6. The economic crisis and the false problem of public debt
7. Interceptions: almost 180 million every year
8. Networked public opinion
9. Fatherhood and separation
10. Transparency and innovation in competition

Essay | Economics and Finance in the Mirror of Social Intelligence
11. The economic condition of households (Survey)
12. Low-cost life: consumption in times of crisis (Survey)
13. Taxation. The Italians’ point of view (Survey)
14. Rich and poor: the redistributive inequalities
15. Productivity in Italy
16. Derivative finance
17. Financial Regulation
18. Finance and growth
19. Taxation in Italy
20. Debt deflation: Wall Street vs Main Street

Essay | Between Perimeters and Barriers
21. Work: the real fear of Italians (Survey)
22. Women and work between challenges and renunciations (Survey)
23. The choice after graduation: inside or outside the university system?
24. Scientific research in Italy: still a missed opportunity?
25. The Italian way to integration
26. Road victims
27. Communicating melancholy. The media representation of depression in the Italian daily press
28. One step less. The numbers of disability in Italy
29. The infinite archipelago of “participated companies
30. Ethical issues in society: how to live and die (Survey)

Essay | About the great deception
31. The State Forestry Corps, “the top of the class”
32. Liberalisation
33. The masks are naked. The abandoned theatre
34. E-commerce and digital content, between crisis and revolution
35. Italian professional football
36. The Posh Tweens. The new protagonists of consumer choices in the Italian fashion market
37. Stuff from our house: family and relationship murders
38. Nothing is lost as long as health exists
39. Security in Rome and homicide statistics: a comparison with other international realities
40. Pets, the dearest friends ever (Survey)

Essay | The sirens of modernity
41. Italians’ passion for technology between tradition and modernity (Survey)
42. The people of “navigators” (Survey)
43. Adults and new technologies. A word to the children
44. Among the wrinkles of the ruling class
45. Inheritance: solution or problem?
46. Newspapers: the more they print the less they earn
47. The infinite ways of publishing
48. Old and new addictions
49. The cost of children in Italy: “take three and pay two
50. The recycling society and opportunities for growth

Essay | Growth and development: irreconcilable options?
51. Food and energy: a sustainable approach
52. Energy scenarios for Italy: towards sustainable economic development
53. The role of the Italian electricity sector in climate mitigation policies: a decomposition analysis approach
54. Sustainable development: a resource for employment and innovation in training processes
55. Employment and training needs in the “green” transformation
56. The ecomafia in the Italian socio-economic structure
57. Food: the consumption of Doc and Igp products challenges the crisis
58. Business start-up: from the entrepreneurial idea to the realisation of the initiative…
59. Business start-up: innovation and quality to keep going
60. Moving around in Italy: the complex reality of the transport system

This content is also available in: Italian


This content is also available in: Italian


This content is also available in: Italian

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