The kind of Italy the whole world envies

One hundred achievements that bring fame and prestige to Italy. “Nostra Eccellenza’, the report on Italian excellence, aims to build – through periodic scouting – piece by piece, an updated and in-depth map of public and private excellence that contributes to making Italy increasingly competitive. The presentation of the Report to the Institutions and the press is an important institutional and cultural moment and an opportunity for the companies themselves to networking.
The entrepreneurial skills of old and young CEO, the organisational knowledge of public and private managers focus on this survey of this world producing and delivering quality services.
Eurispes has often been confronted with productive experiences of excellence, hence the idea of studying and reporting on those success stories that have characterised the most recent Italian economic history, in terms of history, company mission, process and product innovation capacity, and the quality of organisational approach.
The 100 cases selected in each report are nothing more than a metaphor for a successful country despite the difficulties of the economic cycle, organisational and cultural delays, and the constraints of a bureaucracy, which often dissipates vital energy and hinders the drive for change, limiting development opportunities.

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