Italy Report 2023

Six dichotomies to understand the changing Italy:



The Italy Report, now in its 35th edition, has over time become an appreciated point of reference for scholars, institutions, the information system and international observers. The Report, by methodological choice, is built each year around six dichotomies, illustrated through as many essays accompanied by sixty phenomenological factsheets. Thus, through a dual reading of reality, themes that the Institute considers representative of current political, economic and social events in our country are addressed.

Enriching the Report are the sample surveys that, in the 2023 edition, have probed some of the topics traditionally observed by Eurispes: trust in institutions; presidentialism; international conflicts and the energy crisis; the economic situation of families and consumption; the justice system; new technologies; opinion on ethical issues; the relationship with the animal world and numerous other topics of close relevance.

The extraordinariness of the present time is measured by the fact that events considered unpredictable, unbelievable are becoming an element of normality in our lives, they are evaluated and experienced as if they were events and processes not destined to profoundly change the structures and dynamics of our societies and our personal lives. Today, geopolitical and geo-economic processes of change combine with the elements of major phenomena and processes of change that have been taking place globally for some time and to which we have already drawn attention in the past. These are the “megatrends”, the great processes linked, for example, to the digital revolution, demographic trends, climate change, migratory flows, economic inequalities and widespread social imbalances. Against this backdrop, the Report promotes the idea of the ‘duty to have courage’, i.e. to break with the past and abandon those consolidated logics that hold back the entire system, and to accompany reforms towards a definitive conclusion and thus get the country moving again.



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