Children and adolescents: between risks and opportunities

For the past thirteen years, Eurispes and Telefono Azzurro have presented an annual survey of the complex world of children and adolescents.
The problems of the developmental age in our country have been addressed in the first 13 editions of the Report: from the phenomenon of missing children, to violence and bullying, child labour, the risks connected to the use of new communication and information technologies, lifestyles, trends, attitudes and new ways of relating. All these issues are changing at an ever-increasing rate – simultaneously with changes in society – and of which the Report has been constantly the spokesperson.
In line with the style of the Report, each edition focuses on the social, cultural and educational factors that contribute to defining contexts of discomfort, abuse and maltreatment, with the purpose of exploring new scenarios that constitute real emergency situations. Alongside this well-proven research model, new insights are offered into behavioural models, communication styles, fashions and the most recent trends that are changing the habits, consumption, codes, identity and modes of expression of the youth universe.
The areas of research, analysis and reflection embrace multiple aspects of the children and adolescents quality of life: from the new family configurations to the policies that can support them; from the needs of multi-ethnic schools to the analysis of school drop-outs; from the new forms of fast communication to the increasingly complex relationship between adolescents and politics, from the analysis of discomfort to the paths of help for young people involved in crime. In addition to the thematic files that are included in the Report, there is also a large sample survey conducted annually in Italian primary, middle and high schools, which, thanks to the direct involvement of students, makes it possible to trace the children and adolescents Identikit, expectations and needs.

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