Italy Report 2004

The 2004 Italy Report, now in its 16th edition, analyses Italian society through several “research paths”. It consists of approximately 1,300 pages and is divided into six thematic sections, each of which is introduced by an essay on the theme identified and accompanied by sixty phenomenological files.

Each year, the publication of the Report provides an opportunity to reflect on the general trend and prospects of the country, offering an original and independent snapshot of the complexity of the Italian system.

The themes identified and contained in the Report are:


The survey touched on the issues and phenomena related to each of the sections that make up the Report, which have stimulated the most recent debate and the interest of public opinion. In particular, 1,500 citizens took part in the survey and contributed to outlining the framework of the orientations present in the structure of our society. The sample survey (using a questionnaire) on the data contained in the survey sheets was carried out between 19 December 2003 and 5 January 2004.


GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS A country in search of an author by Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes   REPRESENTATION In search of representation

  1. The unbearable lightness of the Italian Parliament between social complexity and functional weakening
  2. Welfare and federalism: an imperfect combination
  3. The level of openness of the regional political system
  4. Political and electoral participation of young people
  5. Citizens’ trust in the institutions (survey)
  6. Rome calling Brussels: how much do we count in Europe?
  7. Consumer associations in Italy
  8. Associations and voluntary work: how committed are Italians?
  9. Banking foundations: the social use of capital
  10. The discreet charm of Freemasonry

  FREEDOM A confused democracy

  1. The reform of the labour market: legislative decree 276/2003
  2. The pay market in Italy (2001-2003 trend)
  3. Less poor or less rich? The accounts do not add up
  4. Family support policies
  5. More and more elderly people: the emergency of lonely and/or non-self-sufficient elderly people
  6. The social security manoeuvre: a useless reform
  7. Night work: choice or necessity?
  8. Underworld holding
  9. The map of terror
  10. Italians’ opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and on the South-Eastern question (poll)

  ECONOMY Missed opportunities

  1. Italians’ opinion on the government’s economic policy and on economic trends (survey)
  2. An economy without guidance
  3. The black economy and unemployment: a two-way relationship?
  4. Income distribution and geographical scales: a measure of well-being
  5. The evolution of Italian families’ consumption
  6. Sell, sell, sell! How the State’s state property is sold
  7. Italian healthcare between federalism, commemorative events and new emergencies
  8. Microcredit and the criteria for granting credit
  9. North calling South: economy and work in Emilia Romagna and Calabria
  10. Corruption in Italian public life (survey)

  KNOWLEDGE Images of knowledge

  1. Research policies in Italy
  2. The Italian school system
  3. The university system: state and non-state universities
  4. The use of cultural and museum heritage
  5. Circulation of the press: newspapers and periodicals
  6. Genetically modified organisms and food safety
  7. Environmental criticalities: areas at risk of desertification
  8. Agriculture and safeguarding natural resources
  9. Smoke signal
  10. The phenomenon of drug addiction

  COMPETITIVENESS Competitiveness, development, well-being and social cohesion in the global space

  1. Italian industry: a system in decline
  2. Protection and extreme exports: relations between Italy and China
  3. Stock market trends: rising but with effort
  4. Tourism: a strategic sector
  5. Training as a strategic element for the regeneration of rural areas
  6. Energy policy in Italy
  7. Renewable energy sources
  8. Public administration and the economic system
  9. The welfare state in Italy: the experimentation of the minimum integration income
  10. Immigrants: problem or resource?

  COSTUME Promises and bets

  1. The “male question” in media reports on men
  2. European fight against “child pornography”: Internet in the crosshairs
  3. Sexual violence against women
  4. The agencies of hope, the search for a soul mate
  5. The new old age. Viagra, Velone and many ambitions
  6. Psychotropic drugs: the pills of happiness? …Whose?
  7. Obesity and the population’s eating habits
  8. The Writing phenomenon: comparing narratives
  9. Violent cheering
  10. An ambiguous society: between Catholicism and pragmatism

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Summary Document

Representation – Freedom – Economy – Knowledge – Competitiveness – Customs

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