Italy Report 2011


The 23rd edition of the Italy Report has been built around these six dichotomies, illustrated through six essays accompanied by sixty phenomenological files.

The survey touched on the issues and phenomena related to each of the sections that make up the Report, which have stimulated debate and public interest in recent months and beyond. In particular, 1,532 citizens took part in the survey and contributed to outlining the framework of the orientations present in our society. The survey was carried out between 20 December 2010 and 12 January 2011.


GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS Italy: a therapy of the choosing by Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes CHAPTER 1 – TRUST/CONFIDENCE Is trust good? Not trusting is better!

  1. Citizens’ trust in institutions (survey)
  2. Banks and insurance companies: Italians in a crisis of trust (survey)
  3. Italians and public services (survey)
  4. From the paper economy to the economy of raw materials
  5. The Italian agri-food trade
  6. Food, labels and product origins
  7. Bilateralism: a new frontier in consumer protection
  8. Cultural heritage and identity
  9. Renewable energy sources in Italy
  10. The pleasure of living in Italy (survey)

CHAPTER 2 – PLANNING/IMPROVISATION Foreseeing and preventing

  1. Is Italy losing competitiveness? A critique of international competitiveness indices
  2. The Italian transhipment crisis in the Mediterranean context: Taranto, Gioia Tauro, Cagliari
  3. Local planning tools
  4. Special laws for cities: case studies and initiatives for Florence
  5. Recycling and best practices. The role of communication in the separate collection and management of the waste cycle
  6. Air quality in Italian cities: from emergency measures to a rational approach
  7. Study of nutrient loads: an application to the Po river basin
  8. Operational oceanography: an advanced tool for the management of emergencies at sea and in the coastal zone
  9. From consumerism to critical consumption: 2010 the year against food waste
  10. The Italian film industry

CHAPTER 3 – WELLBEING/DISCOMFORT Well-being and malaise: from the speed camera to Wall Street

  1. The economic condition of families (survey)
  2. Inflation: poor and mistreated
  3. Italian tourism with a thousand faces
  4. Guardia di Finanza’s activities to protect agri-environmental and agri-food safety
  5. Computerised infrastructures
  6. Juvenile crime: young hooligans, young robbers, young bullies
  7. Ethical fashion, technology and fashion consumption in today’s society
  8. Who is afraid of the psychologist?
  9. Pet live: pets and their surroundings (survey)

Health culture and living will (survey) CHAPTER 4 – CITIZENSHIP/SUBJECTION Citizens of the world

  1. Citizens and politics (survey)
  2. European day, working together
  3. When flexibility is synonymous with precariousness
  4. Immigrants in the labour market. Employment, entrepreneurship, illegal hiring
  5. Families and banks: an “almost equal” relationship
  6. Latest news from crime: crimes and territory
  7. Looking at the world through a window: life in Italian prisons
  8. Social integration of disabled citizens
  9. Italian volunteering: between identity and future
  10. The health system between diagnosis and therapy

CHAPTER 5 – NORTH/SOUTH The dis-Unity of Italy

  1. Unity of Italy (survey)
  2. Comparing North and South: economy, labour market, infrastructures, welfare
  3. Fiscal federalism: quantitative aspects and simulation of standard requirements
  4. Industrial districts in Italy. An ongoing challenge
  5. The relationship between banks and SMEs
  6. Defending the economy and the market
  7. The usury risk index: a map of Italy
  8. Index of mafia penetration
  9. Inside the League
  10. Italian emigration: I go, I come back, I stay?

CHAPTER 6 – MAN/WOMAN An irreconcilable universe or a possible union?

  1. Desperate housewives, between old stereotypes and new responsibilities (survey)
  2. Men in front of the mirror: growing male attention to aesthetics
  3. Without children, when the choice is to remain two
  4. Separated fathers and single-parent families: the new poor
  5. Italian women, the rise to power
  6. Women and work. Female enterprise
  7. Persecutio temporum: the (contemporary) art of mailing
  8. Post-partum depression: from baby blues to infanticide
  9. 1981-2011 Referendum on abortion, thirty years later
  10. Odi et amo: the torment of “domestic murderers”

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Trust/Confidence • Planning/Improvisation • Well-being/Discomfort • Citizenship/Subjection • North/South • Man/Woman

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