Italy Report 1999

The 1999 Italy Report, now in its 11th edition, has been structured around six dichotomies, illustrated by six essays and accompanied by sixty phenomenological files. Through “the dialectic of opposites”, the volume analyses the evolution and changes in Italian society and highlights the most representative themes of current events.
With its 1,000 pages, the Report is a useful tool for understanding a changing Italy.
The dichotomies identified and contained in the Report are:




A Country Harnessed, a Country Emboldened

by Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes



  1. Looking for a worker for rent…
  2. Undeclared work and wage realignment contracts
  3. School, reform or collapse
  4. Non-profit: economic opportunity, social opportunity
  5. Immigration between costs and benefits

6: Agenda 2000: a document for the EU

  1. Infrastructure and competitiveness: a challenge for Europe
  2. Air transport infrastructures in Italy: an unusual case in the EU panorama
  3. Telecommunications between expectations and delays
  4. Abandoned Italy and disasters foretold



  1. Public administration: the obscure forest of laws
  2. The North, how much it costs us…
  3. Public financing: the parties’ difficult task of squaring the circle
  4. The new employment system: reform or end-of-century pipe dream?
  5. Tailor-made work: from apprenticeship to employment
  6. The difficult road to confidentiality: the law on privacy
  7. Internet: the Babel of the new millennium
  8. What game are we playing?
  9. The world of children is changing…
  10. Cooperation, a generosity that pays off



  1. Are we men or corporals? In the front line for human rights
  2. The multi-ethnic society. “The damned of the earth”
  3. Disposable resources: small and great waste in Italy
  4. The Republic of the Clever, or the Italy of Privilege
  5. The Italian tax system: between dementia and rationalisation attempts
  6. In the faithful centuries, all the numbers of the Corp
  7. Smuggling business
  8. The “business” of the ecomafia
  9. The new antagonists: the Squatters and the young people of the social centres
  10. The market of the psyche



  1. Elderly” youth and “young” elderly: a mindset or registry data?
  2. The green years of the third age: the elderly and free time
  3. Let’s adopt a grandfather: assistance for the elderly
  4. Young people and the elderly in associations
  5. Saving: comparing generations
  6. Youth entrepreneurship: an opportunity to be a protagonist in the world of work
  7. The party of the unemployed
  8. Early school leaving: is it just Candlewick’s fault?
  9. Children at risk: forgotten prevention
  10. UFOs to the people: the ufology of young radicals



  1. The invisible insurrection: the Luther Blissett case
  2. Our daily survey
  3. Poster advertising: messages of truth or lies?
  4. People of the heart I
  5. People of the heart II
  6. Medical information: history of a right too often denied
  7. Insurance policies: between the desire to cover risks and the desire to invest
  8. Academic fraud
  9. The factory of schtrops: forgeries and counterfeits in Italy
  10. Sick football! Sport and doping



  1. Iubilate Deo omnis terra
  2. Vocations in Italy
  3. Universities of faith: Catholic universities in Italy
  4. Information on faith
  5. Images of the soul: spirituality and religiosity
  6. Fragments of the Orient: Buddhism
  7. The New Age and modern man’s need for spirituality
  8. The wild sacred
  9. Reincarnation. New doctrine or product of secularisation?
  10. The God of others: immigrants and religiosity



Planning/Improvisation – Autonomy/Dependence – Order/Disorder – Young/Old – Lies/Truths – Religion/Secularisation

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