Italy Report 2012

Six dichotomies to understand Italy:

The 2012 Italy Report, now in its 24th edition, has been built, as usual, around six dichotomies, illustrated through six essays accompanied by sixty phenomenological files.

With more than 1,000 pages, the Report is a useful tool for interpreting Italy as it changes. The survey conducted touched on the issues and phenomena related to each of the sections that make up the Report, which have stimulated the most recent debate and the interest of public opinion. In particular, 1,090 citizens took part in the survey and contributed to outlining the framework of the orientations of our society. The sample survey (using a questionnaire) on the data contained in the survey sheets was carried out between 20 December 2011 and 5 January 2012.



The courage to break the pact
Italy, victim and accomplice of a blocked democracy
by Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes

Deciding to (not) die

  1. Biological will and ‘end of life’.
    2. The new representations of death
    3. Accidents at work and deaths in the workplace
    4. Old and new occupational diseases
    5. Biotechnologies and immortality: cloning
    6. Assisted reproduction: fathers and mothers at any cost
    7. Death at high speed
    8. Choosing not to live
    9. The elderly condition today and the relationship with health care: opinions and evaluation of the protagonists
    10. Are Italians healthy? (Survey)

The precarious balance between essence and substance
11. The economic condition of families (Survey)
12. Italians and savings between 2000 and 2010: blessed are those who have managed to save
13. The superfluous and waste
14. The metamorphosis of television
15. In the network of participation
16. Social Shopping, the new Eldorado?
17. Italians and foreign languages: the case of the Rome Library Service (Survey)
18. Defending the language
10. Psychological discomfort and psychotherapy
20. Italy, a difficult love (Survey)

The sum of injustice
21. Citizens’ trust in institutions (Survey)
22. The need for fair justice
23. The costs of justice: the excessive slowness of civil trials damages the Country System
24. Lawyers “detractors”?
25. The social effects of regulations on justice and on the reform of the professions
26. Italians and European law: a contradictory relationship
27. The extreme horror of judicial psychiatric hospitals (OPG)
28. Suicides in prison, the silent massacre
29. Life in prison
30. At the heart of security

The Italy of the economy: between delays and prospects
31. The sustainability of public debt in Italy
32. Precarious work, work in the balance
33. The social impact of welfare regulations, the effects of IMU, the relationship between taxation and female labour
34. Innovation. International comparisons
35. Trends, consumption and challenges of the Italian luxury market
36. Territorial designations and quality: the perimeter of Italian Denomination of Origin products
37. Protect our daily bread. The Carabinieri against food fraud and adulteration
38. Big Pharma and the risk of health imperialism
39. The Prometheus of books: innovation and tradition
40. The ownership of material goods, consumerism (Survey)

Parents today: expectations, needs, problems, criticalities
41. Well-being in old age (Survey)
42. Parents on the Net
43. Parents and children: between trust and responsibility
44. We loved each other so much
45. Motherhood in old age, between medical progress and ethical dilemmas
46. Foster care and adoptions: a family for every child
47. Shared custody
48. Young people, politics and parties (Survey)
49. Young” opportunities for the country from Italian agriculture
50. Cosmetic surgery or the myth of beauty

Will the 21st century be the “green century”, the century of sustainability, or will it be a “hot century” with an increase in temperatures that will cause an environmental catastrophe?
Card 51. The day after. The Italian daily press in the face of the Fukushima nuclear accident
52. Fighting climate change: adaptation
53. Wind energy and the national action plan: situation and prospects
54. Biodiversity, sustainability and economic development
55. Agriculture, for a new “pact with society
56. Bio-construction, good practices for energy saving
57. WEEE, waste electrical and electronic equipment: an opportunity for the recovery of raw materials and energy
58. Sustainable tourism: a case study for the smaller islands
59. Sustainable mobility in Italy
60. Protected Areas, the cradle of biodiversity

Essays by: Gioia Di Cristofaro Longo – Paolo De Nardis – Roberto De Vita – Guido Corazziari – Maurizio Quilici – Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio



Life/Death – Being/Having – Justice/Injustice – Reasonable/Unreasonable – Parents/Children – Sustainable/Unsustainable

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