Italy Report 1996

The 1996 Italy Report, now in its seventh edition, has been based on six dichotomies, illustrated by six essays accompanied by sixty phenomenological files. Through “the dialectic of opposites”, the volume analyses the evolution and changes in society and highlights the most representative themes of current events.
With its 1,000 pages, the Report is a useful tool for understanding a changing Italy.
The dichotomies identified and contained in the Report are:




Towards full democracy

by Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes



  1. Election results: from “centripetal pluralism” to “eccentric two-party system”
  2. I do not understand, so I abstain: Italians facing elections
  3. The two-party system: which majority for Italy?
  4. The curved “House”: Ultras, in search of a lost community
  5. Lobbies: defence of rights or modern patronage?
  6. Those of the White One
  7. The “virtual” terrorism: the armed phalanx
  8. The environmental conflict: hunting through the press
  9. The future of the fourth power
  10. Crime in short trousers: minors between discomfort and illegality



  1. With the “degree” of education: school, students and society
  2. The face of the TV of the future: pay, cable, etc.
  3. The online world, telecommunications and society
  4. The virtual economy: stock market trends
  5. Give us our daily gadget today
  6. The discreet charm of the profession: journalists, identity and role
  7. Journalists: ethics or information?
  8. Mass media experience: our Sister Television
  9. Mass media fruition: pages of lead
  10. Young people’s cultural fruition: old comrade book



  1. Behind bars: the prison system in Italy
  2. Under the toga: the magistracy in the Italian transition
  3. Small daily crimes: small-scale crime and the territory
  4. Messages from Southern Italy: young people between values and the camorra
  5. The army of security: police forces and territory
  6. Lawyer: new hero or cynical bungler?
  7. A people at risk: Italians and the justice machine
  8. Mafia export: mafia internationalism
  9. The mafia between repentants and confiscation of property
  10. The mafia: a criminal subject in transformation. The birth of “Cosa nuova”



  1. Poor relations: craftsmanship in Italy
  2. Grow and multiply: the evolution of the distribution sector in Italy
  3. Privatisation? Yes, please!
  4. Privatisation? But how?
  5. Ex GESCAL Funds: a fund within everyone’s reach
  6. New technologies: newspapers and journalists towards the year 2000
  7. Diana’s market: hunting between anthropology and business
  8. “Safety” at work: over a thousand deaths every year
  9. An example of organisational innovation. Teleworking: challenges and opportunities
  10. Savings and consumption of the elderly



  1. Assessment of the presence of non-EU citizens
  2. We are here too: Italians abroad and the right to vote
  3. When work is black. Regular work and irregular work of non-EU citizens
  4. Little, future Italians? Foreign minors in Italy
  5. The ship sailed… Italians, a people of emigrants
  6. With that foreigner’s face… The families of foreigners in Italy
  7. Comparing immigration structures
  8. Voices from Italy: Rai and its television programmes for abroad
  9. Extra-community immigrants: marginality also in deviance
  10. Sardinia, almost a continent



  1. Illusion on the line…
  2. Cultural heritage as a resource
  3. Libraries, “public granaries against the winter of the soul”.
  4. The factory of hope: youth football in Italy
  5. For few but not for all: work and wealth in Italy
  6. The last message, suicide through the press
  7. Parenthood
  8. Stories from our home: the “stepfamilies” arrive
  9. Comparing generations
  10. “Mater semper certa est”? Motherhood and assisted reproduction techniques

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Summary Document

Consensus/Conflict • Real/Virtual • Justice/Injustice – Tradition/Innovation • Immigration/Emigration • Rational/Irrational

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