Agromafie: the crime chain is at the table

The presence of crime in the agricultural sector is infecting the most traditional sector in Italy.
In order to investigate this phenomenon, Eurispes approached this issue by reconstructing its genesis and the most significant stages in its evolution.
The data and information provided by the Police and Control Institutes are, in this respect, of crucial importance, as they protect Italian production from falsification and combat the Mafia interests infiltration in a sector of vital relevance for the economy.
The Annual Report on Agromafie, produced by Eurispes, in collaboration with Coldiretti and the Observatory on Agro-food Crime, has brought to light – thanks to careful research work – the phenomenon of falsification, of Italian sounding, of criminal infiltration in the purchase of land, in the cultivation of raw materials, in processing and distribution, the white collars role, and much more.

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