Italy Report 2002

The Italy Report 2002, now in its 14th edition, has been based on six dichotomies, illustrated by six essays accompanied by sixty phenomenological files. Through the “dialectic of opposites”, the volume analyses the evolution and changes in society and highlights the most representative themes of current events.

With more than 1,200 pages, the Report is a useful tool for understanding a changing Italy.

The dichotomies identified and contained in the Report are:



The Land of little Tartars
by Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes


Imitation of life

1. Global terrorism and the new world order
2. NATO’s role in the new global context
3. From G7 to G9
4. Immigrants: between subordination and integration
5. The national telephone listening centre
6. New workers: between precariousness, overwork and stress
7 Female employment dynamics in Italy and the European Union
8. Domestic accidents and Inail insurance
9. Protection of privacy
10. The euro: expectations and prospects


In search of lost solidarity
11. EU enlargement: openness and resistance
12. Fairtrade and ethical finance
13. Multinationals and socio-economic growth: only synergies?
14. Refugees in the world and the asylum right in Italy
15. The seven principles of solidarity
16. The Scout movement in Italy: the dimensions of the phenomenon
17. Fourth sector: extreme voluntary work
18. A gift made with the heart
19. Precarious welfare
20. Domestic work in Italy
The hidden truth
21. Advertising investments, what’s new in the third millennium?
22. Cinema, an industry to be encouraged and protected
23. Big Brother, little television
24. Gambling fever: lotteries and prize games
25. The darkness beyond the occult
26. A virtue of the virtual world: sex
27. Drug addiction… a trip to the root of the phenomenon
28. Fitness, what a passion!
29. Extreme sports: emotions beyond all limits
30. Internet: media channel of counterculture



Towards globalisation

31. The Italy of great works… never realised
32. Anti-pollution measures
33. Waste: production and management
35. “From farm to table”: the new food safety policy
36. Prevention in the workplace. What opportunities for vaccination?
37. Inequality in the animal world: between fat welfare and total exploitation
38. Children and the environment: the case of Campania
39. Blue parks
40. Protection of the cultural heritage


Penelope’s Country?

41. A new season for public communication
42. Rai: public service or commercial network?
43. The land of bells. Telephony in Italy
44. There was a sad and lonely track….
45. Italian ports
46. The insurance product: profitability or protection?
47. Italian banks between the branch tradition and home banking
48. The reform of public employment services
49. A pragmatic approach to fiscal federalism in the Municipalities
50. Services for families


From Plato to Rifkin
51. Right and Left: ideology or pragmatism?
52. The socio-cultural profile of the political class in the XIV Legislature
53. The bipolarisation of the political system: an irreversible process?
54. Globality, globalism, globalisation
55. Right and Left on line. Parties go on the Internet
56. Dispar condicio?
57. The Italian school between reform and counter-reform
58. Will devolution be good for our health?
59. Consultation is dead. Long live concertation
60. Italian cinema between right and left


File Indice

Summary Document

Security/Insecurity • Egoism/Solidarity • Illusion/Disillusion • Protection/Destruction • Service/Disservice • Right/Left

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