Italy Report 2021

Six dichotomies to understand the changing Italy:



The Italy Report, now in its 33rd edition, has over time become an appreciated point of reference for scholars, institutions, the information system, and international analysts. By methodological choice, each year the Report is built around six dichotomies, illustrated by six essays accompanied by sixty phenomenological files. Thus, through a dual reading of reality, it addresses issues that the Institute considers representative of Italy’s current political, economic, and social situation.

The Report is enriched by sample surveys that, in the 2021 edition, explored some of the themes traditionally proposed by Eurispes and others of recent interest: trust in institutions, opinion on some of the measures proposed or introduced by the government, the economic situation of families and consumption, the future vision among young people, stereotypes and political correctness, ethical issues, stereotypes about the North and South of the country, the pet world, new eating habits, stalking, mental health and the use of drugs, information through the media, the world of scouting through the survey conducted in collaboration with Agesci, remote working, changing habits due to the pandemic.

The Report also uses phenomenological data sheets to address a number of other topical issues, such as migration, the innovative capacity of Italian products, sustainable fashion, communication through social networks, e-sports, the issue of the south, the professions of the future, the enhancement of human capital, taxation and possible reforms, robotics and industry 4.0, ethical fashion, digital schools, pupils with special educational needs, smart cities and new housing needs, and infrastructure.

This year’s Report is entrusted with the concept of FUTURE, chosen as a keyword, to emphasise that the construction of future scenarios goes beyond a simple projection of the present situation: it requires a vision, an idea of a possible future, a reference value system, and solid thinking able to guide our actions today towards a precise direction.

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