Italy Report 2003

The 2003 Italy Report, now in its 15th edition, has been based on six dichotomies, illustrated by six essays accompanied by sixty phenomenological files. Through the “dialectic of opposites”, the volume analyses the evolution and changes in society and highlights the most representative themes of current events.

With more than 1,200 pages, the Report is a useful tool for understanding a changing Italy.

The dichotomies identified and contained in the Report are:




Prisoners of the Manichees

by Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes



The utopia of poverty and the mirage of wealth

Table 1. Inflation in the food basket and consumers’ perception of high living costs

Table 2. Income and wealth distribution: the 3 Italies

Table 3. More and more poor people: from marginality to hardship

Table 4. Italian households’ consumption

Table 5. Luxury goods, why not?

Table 6. A company is born: demography of the business system in Italy

Table 7. The role of social capital in industrial districts

Table 8. Ageing, impoverishment and the welfare system

Table 9. Intellectual unemployment in Italy: more training, less work?

Table 10. Consumer confidence (survey)



The irresistible temptation of duplicity

Table 11. Dealing with the unobserved economy

Table 12. Italians, a people of poets, saints, navigators and… counterfeiters!

Table 13. Oh what a great job, being a fraudster

Table 14. Food fraud: deception on the table

Table 15. Waste and environmental offences

Table 16. Urban violence, insecurity and prevention

Table 17. The soliti ignoti: crimes in search of an author

Table 18. Adolescent discomfort and juvenile crime

Table 19. Family and relationship homicides

Table 20. The meaning and value of legality (survey)



The architecture of dedalus: the soul in the labyrinth of the body

Table 21. Prostitution:  the “Italian case” and ” the European case

Table 22. Drugs: the sirens’ song

Table 23. At the bottom of the glass: alcoholism in Italy

Table 24. The drugs and antidepressants market

Table 25. At war with the mirror: anorexia and bulimia

Table 26. The vanity fair: everyone rushing to see the plastic surgeon

Table 27. Piercings and tattoos: the violent manipulation of the body and the rejection of the adolescent body

Table 28. Saints and cults, pilgrimages and sanctuaries in the web age

Table 29. The clergy and vocations

Table 30. Paradise can wait. Italians and euthanasia (survey)



Citizens and subjects (from the spoils system to devolution)

Table 31. Federalism: a three-speed Italy

Table 32. Securitisation of public property: a bargain for whom?

Table 33. Life as a taxpayer (or rather: how the taxman accompanies us from cradle to grave)

Table 34. The injustices and inefficiencies of the banking system

Table 35. On the side of the insurers or… the insured?

Table 36. Telephony for a new citizenship

Table 37. Is the law the same for everyone?

Table 38. Privacy and security: the question of telephone tapping

Table 39. Mobbing hurts

Table 40. Citizens’ trust in institutions (survey)



Prepare to improvise

Table 41. The brain drain and the weakness of the Italian research system

Table 42. Early school leaving

Table 43. Infrastructure and competitiveness of the Country System

Table 44. EU funds: a false start

Table 45. Italy’s delay in computerisation

Table 46. Natural disasters: prevention and improvisation

Table 47. Malpractice healthcare. Is it an alarm?

Table 48. Danger on the roads

Table 49. The case of the Province of Rome: an experimental project towards federated local authorities

Table 50. Survey Confidence in the ruling class



Differences without identity

Table 51. Homosexuality in contemporary society: pride and claims

Table 52. He who does not work is not an immigrant

Table 53. Immigrants and religions

Table 54. Less work… more work

Table 55. Women, work and society

Table 56. The state of the art: territorial differences in the enjoyment of culture

Table 57. Majority and opposition: defining the rules of the game for a correct parliamentary dialectic

Table 58. Which family do you belong to? The multiform family in Italy

Table 59. The myths of young people today: reassuring and winning

Table 60. Stereotypes against: what do southerners think of northerners and vice versa (survey)


Poverty/Wealth • Legality/Illegality • Soul/Body – Citizenship/Subjugation • Improvisation/Preparation • Identity/Differences

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