Italy Report 2022

The Italy Report, now in its 34th edition, has become, over time, an appreciated point of reference for scholars, institutions, the information system and international observers. The Report, by methodological choice, is built each year around six dichotomies, illustrated through as many essays accompanied by sixty phenomenological factsheets. Thus, through a dual reading of reality, themes that the Institute considers representative of current political, economic and social events in our country are addressed.

The Report includes sample surveys that, in the 2022 edition, have analysed some of the topics traditionally observed by Eurispes: trust in the institutions; presidentialism; the international conflicts and the energy crisis; the economic situation of families and consumption; the justice system; the new technologies; the orientation on ethical issues; the relationship with pets and numerous other topics of current relevance.

This year’s Report is based on the idea that, in the historical passage we are going through, it is necessary to work towards the construction of a ‘Good Society’ and to start again from the kind of Italy that exists and functions to build a different idea of the future.

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