Italy Report 1997

The 1997 Italy Report, now in its eighth edition, has been constructed around six dichotomies, illustrated by six essays accompanied by sixty phenomenological files. Through “the dialectic of opposites”, the volume analyses the evolution and changes in society and highlights the most representative themes of current events.
With its 1,000 pages, the Report is a useful tool for understanding a changing Italy.
The dichotomies identified and contained in the Report are:




Italy on hold

by  Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes



Table 1. Childhood betrayed: the new slaves

Table 2. Prostitution: the demand beyond the risk

Table 3. Behind bars: minors facing justice between deviance and recovery

Table 4. Sexual violence: Article 609-bis, the limits of compromise

Table 5. At the centre of violence

Table 6. Drugs: the silent death

Table 7. The devil’s money: usury, usurers and the usurped

Table 8. The other half of heaven: the social affirmation of women

Table 9. Family, the last shelter

Table 10. A closer look: Italians and crime



Table 11. For a handful of votes… The Centre-Right slides to the majority

Table 12. Italians abroad: citizenship and the right to vote

Table 13. Italians abroad: family and work

Table 14. Camorra: from the Country to the network

Table 15. Becoming citizens: instructions for use

Table 16. Citizens behind bars

Table 17. Italians and institutions

Table 18. The job that doesn’t exist

Table 19. The pendulum of politics: Italians and reforms

Table 20. Grey eminences: the ruling class as seen by citizens



Table 21. Non-profit and employment, how I create work for you

Table 22. Non-profit, all the numbers of the Third Sector

Table 23. Money? No, thanks! The use of EU funds in Italy

Table 24. North-South: the figures of the gap

Table 25. Transplants: the culture of giving

Table 26. The hearts and blood of Italians: blood donation

Table 27. Tax income for charity: financing by faith

Table 28. Adoption, a home for every child

Table 29. Without a family: voluntary work and assistance for the elderly

Table 30. United colours of Italy: immigration and integration



Table 31. Defence: and give us a model!

Table 32. Military expenditure in Italy

Table 33. Cadets of Italy

Table 34. Under the stars: enlistments and careers. Volunteers and non-commissioned officers

Table 35. The Armed Forces abroad: Italians, good people

Table 36. Public order operations of the Armed Forces

Table 37. The image of the Armed Forces: between emergency and everyday life

Table 38. Women and the Armed Forces

Table 39. Unarmed youth: conscientious objection

Table 40. A world of warmongers



Table 41. Italians and consumption (I)

Table 42. Italians and consumption(II)

Table 43. Playing, playing: Italians between games and lotteries

Table 44. Not only luck. The profile of the lotto player

Table 45. How I consume your savings

Table 46. Electricity, water, gas, motorways: the expensive cost of living

Table 47. After the hangover: Italians between consumption and saving

Table 48. Banks: how the counter is growing

Table 49. Doing business: the new challenges

Table 50. Taxation: Italians in search of evasion



Table 51. The journalist: a difficult job

Table 52. Add a place at the table: television in the family

Table 53. Parents and children in front of the television: all together with a passion?

Table 54. Persuaders, persuaders and advertising

Table 55. The brand of falsehood

Table 56. Living in Italy, why not…

Table 57. On the hunt for readers. The diffusion of the press in Italy

Table 58. Interactive television

Table 59. Paradise can wait. Italians and euthanasia

Table 60. Italians are tarot reading the 2000’s

File Indice

Summary Document

Freedom/Necessity • Citizenship/Suddittance • Solidarity/Egoism • Defence/Disarmament • Consumption/Saving • Myth/Reality

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