Italy Report 2000

The Italy 2000 Report, now in its 12th edition, is made up of 1,000 pages and is divided into six thematic sections, each of which is introduced by an essay on the theme identified and accompanied by sixty phenomenological files.

Each year, the publication of the Report provides an opportunity to reflect on the general trend and prospects of the Country, offering an original and independent snapshot of the complexity of the Italian system.

The themes identified and contained in the Report are:




The Italy of Zeno

by Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes



The Italy of politics – the impossible reform

  1. Political Italy in the twentieth century
  2. The crisis of the parties
  3. The bicameral commission: history of an organic attempt at reform
  4. The social-political graph of parliamentarians
  5. Electoral abstentionism or the lost vote
  6. The citizenship feeling and participation in the political life of the Country
  7. Trade Unions and the crisis of representativeness in the world of work
  8. The costs of the Public Administration
  9. Reform of the Public Administration and new technologies
  10. How I defend the citizen



The Italian economy: between delays and prospects

  1. From the periphery to the centre? Italian economic development in the 20th century
  2. The malaise in the North
  3. The well-being of the South
  4. Workplace (in)safety
  5. Job advertisements, seekers find… perhaps
  6. Acrobats: women between work, care work and self-care
  7. The egg of Columbus or the “motorways” of the sea
  8. Italy and infrastructures: a delay to overcome
  9. Motor insurance tariffs: liberalisation effect
  10. The Public Administration goes to therapy: the case of Inpdap



The Italy of the complex society

  1. Italy in the year 2000: a changing society
  2. Cultural assets, a misunderstood resource
  3. Disasters in Italy, “let’s make peace with the earth”.
  4. Communicating the environment
  5. Family houses: add a place… at home
  6. The dimensions of associationism in Italy
  7. People with… different abilities
  8. At the bottom of the glass
  9. The body of evidence.: sexual violence
  10. Primum non nocere: non-conventional medicine



The Italy of knowledge and know-how

  1. The Italy of knowledge in the twentieth century
  2. Orientation in secondary schools
  3. School: autonomy of a revolution
  4. Training and knowledge: notes on the Italian system
  5. The archives of memory
  6. How Italians spend their free time
  7. The new forums: art in the avant-garde at the end of the millennium
  8. Give us today, our anxiety
  9. Technological innovation, competitiveness and the production system
  10. ICT: Information and Communications Technology



The Italy of custom and change

  1. The customs of Italians: Mediterranean life in modernity
  2. Panorama and l’Espresso: Italy on the cover
  3. Fashion is in fashion…
  4. Everyone in the countryside!
  5. Zooitaly, the four-legged doctor
  6. The hunting world “hunting” for development
  7. At eighteen you said yes…
  8. Destroyers, vandalism in Italy
  9. Graffiti, the voice of young metropolitans
  10. It’s not sport if there’s no spot



Italy between law and justice

  1. A century of justice
  2. Towards a fair trial
  3. Crimes and punishments
  4. “To watch and punish”: a prison system in transformation
  5. Labour justice starts again from conciliation
  6. Far West Italy: sheriff wanted….
  7. And they call it “micro-crime”….
  8. The lesser evil: juvenile deviance in Italy
  9. Family wanted
  10. Stolen games


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Summary Document

Politics ● Economy ● Knowledge ●
Customs and Traditions ● Justice

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