Italy Report 1998

The 1998 Italy Report, now in its 10th edition, has been based on six dichotomies, illustrated by six essays accompanied by sixty phenomenological files. Through “the dialectic of opposites”, the volume analyses the evolution and changes in society and highlights the most representative themes of current events.
With its 1,000 pages, the Report is a useful tool for reading a changing Italy.
The dichotomies identified and included in the Report are:




Italy is starting over again

by Gian Maria Fara, President of Eurispes



  1. If I could have 1,000 euros a month
  2. EEC, in search of a lost fund
  3. Foreign trade: a world without frontiers
  4. Small stock exchanges grow
  5. Infrastructure: a bridge between employment and development
  6. The value of a currency. Tourism as an economic resource and cultural opportunity
  7. School in the time of globalisation: technology
  8. UNO reform: a front-row seat for Italy
  9. An international spotlight, the Armed Forces towards globalisation
  10. A United Europe: more of everything



  1. Starting again from the South
  2. Bring back the welfare state
  3. The economy of the bell tower: productive districts
  4. Too much is wrong: monopolies and concentration
  5. Planning and enterprise culture for an effective employment policy?
  6. Administrative elections: mayors of Italy
  7. Anyone not jumping is…
  8. “One thousand and no more one thousand”: waiting for the Jubilee
  9. Parks: a laboratory for a new environmental economy
  10. The political class under investigation


  1. Waiting behind the desks: school expectations and results of Italian students
  2. The years of renunciation: young people between anorexia and bulimia
  3. And they lived happily ever after
  4. Goodbye and thanks! Separations in Italy
  5. Women, education and work
  6. Todos caballeros: the multiplication of professional orders
  7. Usury, a life on loan
  8. A new “debt culture”: anti-usury associations and foundations in Italy
  9. Suicide: the last message
  10. Domestic homicides in Italy



  1. From removal to memory: the phenomenon of the armed fight in Italy, twenty years later
  2. Prisoners: women and mothers
  3. Prison: crime and punishment
  4. And forgive us our trespasses… Amnesty, pardon and clemency from 1945 to date
  5. Life imprisonment and the death penalty
  6. Mafia, mafias and “collaborators”
  7. Juvenile injustice
  8. An age at risk: homicides of the elderly in Italy
  9. Let Samson die with all the Philistines: the institution of bankruptcy in Italy
  10. By grace received: the judgement of Italians



  1. He who seeks finds…Tax evasion in Italy
  2. Saving, a population of former ants
  3. Detachment and disenchantment: the culture of money in the world of young people
  4. Cultural consumption and leisure time among Italians
  5. The Italian property market: investment opportunity or reason for evasion?
  6. Gamblers: Italians and the “blindfolded goddess”.
  7. Trademarks and inventions: a genius in search of a patent
  8. Italian cooperation between generosity and interest
  9. For an extra handful of viewers: the television offer as judged by the public
  10. Between refusal and solidarity: Italians and immigration



  1. The cost of health
  2. When a glass… is forever
  3. A drug “cartel”
  4. Tobacco addiction: poisoned by the filter
  5. Italians in the pharmacy
  6. The end of the asylum?
  7. White deaths, when work kills
  8. The work “debilitates” man
  9. How I poison your environment
  10. “Dearest deceased”


File Indice

Summary Document

Global/Local ● Project/Renunciation ● Success/Failure ● Vengeance/Pardon ● Vice/Virtue ● Health/Disease

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