“Time of Creation” an interdenominational and interreligious event, promoted by the Diocese of Albano. Marco Omizzolo, sociologist and Eurispes researcher will be attending the meeting

“Time of Creation” is an interconfessional and Inter-religious event promoted by the Diocese of Albano. Marco Omizzolo, sociologist and Eurispes researcher, will attend the conference.

After last year’s successful event, an interchurch, interfaith and inter-religious conference focusing on the Castelli Romani areas will be held on September 4th at 3:30 p.m. The event is organized by the diocesan offices for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue and for Social and
Labour and the “Laudato si'” Castelli Romani community.
The event will include two key moments: the first will be a walking tour enriched by reflections and testimonies, which will run from the John XXIII Belvedere in Castel Gandolfo to Piazza Pia in Albano along the bike path “Path of Fraternity.” Then it will reach Pia Square, where there will be a set up of booths and a stage hosting the speakers Bishop of Albano, Vincenzo Viva, representatives of different denominations and religions present in the diocese, and Marco Omizzolo, Eurispes sociologist who has long been engaged in denouncing slavery and oppression conditions and promoting workers’ rights in the Pontine countryside (especially Sikhs).This is an event that the Italian Bishops’ Conference has asked to be organised jointly by the office for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue and the Office for Social and Labour Pastoral Care, to highlight the need to
keeping the themes of dialogue and integral ecology (rights, care of the environment, common good, health spirituality) connected. These are two issues in which associations, organisations and realities involved in promoting and bringing to life in our territory, and that will animate the square with educational workshops, information stands and informative material to the diversity and richness of ‘care’.
The event, which enjoys the patronage of the Municipality of Albano Laziale, has been joined and will be attended by representatives of the diocesan office for Education, School and Catholic Religious Education, of the diocesan Caritas, the diocesan office for the Pastoral Care of Sport and Free Time and the diocesan office for the Pastoral Care of Migrantes, together with the Parish Oratories, Catholic Action, AGESCI Zona Castelli, Fattoria Riparo, and the Retake Castelli operating group.



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