The third Blue Book: “Annual Development Report of Italy (2021-2022)”, was published in Beijing. Eurispes has provided two scientific contributions

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The meeting to present the “Annul Development Report of Italy (2021-2022)” and the seminar on China-Italy cooperation in the context of global change was held in Beijing on 30 August. The event was attended by around 100 experts and scholars from various Think Tanks, Universities and media, who offered some suggestions for the healthy development of China-Italy and China-EU relations, including Feng Zhongping, Director of the Institute of European Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Federico Roberto Antonelli, the new Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Beijing, and Marco Ricceri, Secretary General of Eurispes, who gave the introductory speech.

In addition, representing the Institute’s Executive Board, Gerardo Romano illustrated his contribution focusing on the pension system, while the focus on Italian ports by Luca Danese was illustrated by researcher Ludovico Semerari. The Italian Blue Book was jointly written and edited by the Institute of European Studies and Office for International Cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Research Institute on Italy of the Chinese Association for European Studies.

The document outlined the Italian development status in the year 2021 in various areas, including the political, economic, social and diplomatic contexts, and also offered a summary and assessment of the development of bilateral relations, analysing various aspects of relations and cooperation between the two countries. According to the findings of the Blue Book, pragmatic cooperation is, on the whole, the mainstream of China-Italy relations, and the substantial increase in trade between the two countries during 2021 has become the focus of bilateral cooperation.

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This content is also available in: Italian

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