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Italy “in the white zone”: the news dealing with the post-pandemic. Politics and news uber alles. Saman case, Tg4 rails against the “silent left”. G7: the relaunch of the Atlantic Pact and tensions with Russia and China.

The TV news from 7 to 11 June – The entry of more than half of the regions in the “white zone” allows the information of prime time to leave behind the setting that had essentially coincided with the narrative of the pandemic, reacquiring characteristic elements of the previous phase. If the developments on the vaccination front remain for many in the first place (occupying 18 openings during the week), the tone and approach on the figures of the contagion are quite different. Even the decision to stop the AstraZeneca vaccine for the over 60s, following the death of an 18-year-old girl from Genoa – which was then assumed to have suffered from a previous disease -, does not arouse particular excitement among the evening news.

The interest of the headings is so absorbed by politics, with the Mediaset news that raises the unitary appointments of the Centre-Right for the next municipal, in a climate of a declared election campaign (openings for Tg4 and Tg2). On the other front, Tg La7, on Wednesday, relaunched Conte’s first exit as “designated leader” of the 5 Stars, after the definitive break with Casaleggio and Rousseau. Tireless Tg4, which also during the week has punctually dedicated a headline in each edition to denounce the shortcomings of the Administrations of Rome and Milan, with daily criticism of Mayor Raggi.

The death of Guglielmo Epifani, former CGIL and PD secretary received the condolences of the prime time news and on Tuesday it was at the opening for Tg3 and Tg1. No reference in the headlines for the Mediaset titles.

The protagonist of the week is the chronicle. The case of Saman, the 18-year-old Pakistani girl from Novellara, who disappeared at the end of April and who is now certain to have been killed by her family after refusing an arranged marriage, stands out above all others: 20 headlines during the week, with openings for Studio Aperto, Tg5 and Tg La7. To report the forcing of Tg4 that, after having ignored the Saman case in recent weeks, launches, Tuesday, in a harsh attack against the “left”, accused of “remaining silent” against this femicide – the latest in a long series – after having “shouted against racism” on another episode, that of the suicide of a 20-year-old of Nigerian origin, who had written in some posts on Facebook to have suffered, some years before, strong discrimination. For the rest, the interest in judicial developments on the massacre of Stresa continues to be high, while Tg2 returns to propose in the week its column dedicated to the great detective stories of Italy.

There is also a strong focus on justice, with Tg4 and Tg La7 reporting from opposite sides with greater interest (openings and headlines) on the Eni-Nigeria ruling and other events linked, to some extent, to the lawyer Giuseppe Amara. With regard to the polls that indicate a collapse in public confidence in the judiciary, Tg5 collects, Friday, the comment of the columnist Pierluigi Battista, who speaks of “feuds” within the CSM and invokes the reform of justice advanced by Minister Cartabia.

In foreign affairs, the end of the mission in Afghanistan was the subject of the opening of Tg3 on Tuesday and headlines for RAI news, Tg5 and Studio Aperto. On Wednesday and Friday, the G7 summit in Cornwall received a lot of attention (12 headlines), with several analysts focusing on the meeting between Biden and Jonhson, in the line of a strengthened Atlantic alliance against Russia and China. Tg2 on Friday interviews NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg on the complex relations with Beijing. Sangiuliano’s Tg2 also reported several times on the clash between the US and China over Wuhan, which brought up the hypothesis of a virus created in a laboratory.


This content is also available in: Italian

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