In the post-voting TV News, the triumph of abstentionism and the flop of right-wingers

TV News from 18 to 22 October – The results of the municipal ballots absorb the opening of the first part of the week’s news. In the face of a further, clear-cut victory for the centre-left, which has won the capital and almost all the main disputed towns, the newspapers have taken note of the new scenario, with the Mediaset TV News commenting on the right-wing defeat and Tg5 focusing on the abstentionism issue.

Berlusconi in the Quirinal, a desire or a dream?
The consequences of the vote in the heart of the TV News editions, leading the Democratic Party to confirm its openness towards all the left-wing forces, while the centre-right is trying to close ranks with a summit of three leaders. There was little post-vote coverage on the RAI TV News, from which a certain embarrassment emerged in outlining the new scenarios of the Five Stars. Great attention, once again, to the figure of Silvio Berlusconi, with the Mediaset TV news reaffirming the role of Forza Italia as the “centre” of the coalition and the pivot of the Country’s pro-European identity, while glossing over the internal divisions within the party, which have instead been reported on several occasions by the La7 TV news. What attracted the interest of the editions was above all the speech in which the former Prime Minister openly expressed his disagreement with having Mario Draghi in the Quirinal, but keeping him at Palazzo Chigi, thus suggesting that he aspired to that position himself. A “dream” – as Enrico Mentana describes it in some headlines – made more real, also by the new acquittal from one of the strands of the “Ruby ter” trial on Friday, which resulted in several interventions and editorials on the Mediaset TV News. On Wednesday, Tg4 was again pillorying the 5-Star Movement, reporting the confessions of an agent of Chavez’s regime, according to whom “the dictator” had financed for more than a decade various parties and groups in both America and Europe, including the 5-Star Movement.

The discussion on the budget law, which affects some symbolic measures of the yellow-green government, claims the remaining openings news until Friday’s European summit. With the final end of the Merkel era in Europe, honoured in the headlines of the 8 p.m. news, everyone is relaunching Draghi’s speeches, the only one to inspire a climate of confidence. However, it does not erase the uncertainties produced by the difficulties linked to Poland (references in 10 headlines), by the potential increase in energy prices and by the divisions on the management of migratory flows.

Green pass, tensions resume. UK, Russia and Brazil: contagion is spreading again
The tensions that accompanied the “no Green pass” demonstrations were less frequently reported during the week, in the context of an increased number of vaccinated people, but also a peak in the number of employees taking sick leave, as reported by several services. On Thursday, many people opened up about the demonstration of the Trieste dockers, which was cancelled in extremis because of the potential arrival of infiltrators, including black blocs.

On the contagion side, the prime time broadcasts the statements of the Prime Minister, who underlines how the country has beaten all the other partners in terms of vaccinations, even if fears remain for the 7.5 million unvaccinated people. However, greater concern arises from the numbers in other countries, with the surge in positives in the UK allegedly accompanied by the emergence of a new variant. Tg5 focuses on the dramatic situation in Brazil, while Tg la7 reports with great concern the peak of daily deaths in Russia. Russia was also the subject of several editions of the report, with the European Parliament awarding the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought to Russian dissident Alexei Navalny.

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