Eurispes office in Campania: first meeting of the Scientific Committee

The first meeting of the Scientific Committee of the Eurispes office in Campania, headed by lawyer Paola Porcelli, will be held in Benevento on January 25th at 11:30 a.m. The meeting will be hosted at the CCIAA Irpinia-Sannio. The President of Eurispes, Gian Maria Fara, will be present via remote connection.

Eurispes has always been aware that to better pursue its institutional purposes, it needs to be able to rely on decentralized observatories that can understand the expectations, vocations and potential of the territories. With this very goal in mind, a process of regionalization of the Institute has been initiated with a presence already established on the ground through offices in Sardinia, Calabria, Piedmont and Lombardy. The regional offices make it possible to closely observe the socio-economic changes in our country, right there where they are produced. From this perspective, Campania is certainly a region worthy of closer observation specifically because of its economic and social characteristics. As a matter of fact, amidst numerous fragilities and difficulties of historical nature, the region expresses energies and resources, often inadequately valued, that are essential for the economic and cultural restart of the South and the entire country.

Important scholars and experts working in the Campania region are part of the Committee: Dr. Maria Antonietta Troncone, North Naples Prosecutor’s Office, Dr. Enrico Tedesco, Secretary General of Polis Foundation, Prof. Gerardo Canfora, Chancellor of the University of Sannio, Dr. Tommaso De Simone, President of CCIAA of Caserta, Prof. Marino Scherillo, Director UOC Interventional Cardiology UTIC, San Pio Hospital Company and Secretary General of the National Scientific Committee ANMCO, National Association of Hospital Cardiologists, Prof. Stefania Leone, Department of Political Science and Communication, University of Salerno, Eng. Michelangelo Esposito Mocerino, Netgroup, Dr. Dimitri Dello Buono, CNR Technologist.

The Eurispes office in Campania has the task of observing and interpreting the evolution of the Region’s various political, economic and social challenges, with the aim of grasping and interpreting its strengths and weaknesses and proposing, at the same time, ideas and possible solutions.

In this perspective, the local office has already organized a conference on the topic of legality and the Recovery Fund, with a specific focus on the potential risks related to inland and metropolitan areas. The aim pursued has been the creation of a synthesis document that would illustrate the dangers embedded in the introduction of huge resources, such as those of the Next Generation Eu, into the circuit of Campania’s legal economy, offering not only reflection points but also possible anticipatory solutions in order to prevent the development of criminal phenomena.

The Campania regional office of Eurispes also edited a research study having as its subject the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on provincial and regional SMEs. The study provided a snapshot of the relevant socio-economic reality, also from a recovery perspective.

To carry out the studies and works, the local office makes use of young researchers who come from different universities in Campania, thus contributing to increasing the training and study and work experience of young professionals in our territories.

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