Eurispes joins the Memorandum of Understanding for an International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories – NSTO

The Eurispes Institute has joined the Memorandum of Understanding that envisages the creation of a Sustainable Tourism Observatories “Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories – NSTO“. The Protocol was signed on 8 September at the evocative venue of the “Catasta di Campotenese’ gateway to the Pollino National Park, in the presence of Nicola Mayerà, manager of the Unitary Programming Department of the Calabria Region and the head of the Eurispes office in Calabria, Maurizio Lovecchio. The network is one of the results of the European project BEST MED – BEYOND EUROPEAN SUSTAINABLE TOURISM MED PATH, which involves eight Mediterranean countries and ten partners, including the Region of Calabria, with the overall objective of improving the governance of tourism in the MED area. Eurispes, which has always been sensitive to issues related to the sustainable development of territories also by carrying out studies and research, has joined the Network with great interest. “Joining the Network,” declares Lovecchio, “is extremely relevant both to relaunch our our action on the Calabrian territory and to consolidate relations with the Calabria Region, aiming at the goal of building and sharing a permanent and fruitful instrument and information exchange related to tourism management and development models”. The results of the workshop will be the basis for the final event of the Project to be held on 14 September in Granada (Spain), during which the Charter of Granada will be presented. will allow the implementation of a regional sustainable tourism management strategy precisely through the Network of Mediterranean Sustainable Tourism Observatories.

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