Eurispes’ Europe Laboratory: experts gather for the first meeting of 2023

On Thursday, January 26th, 4-6 p.m., experts from the academic world and representatives and practitioners from civil society who animate Eurispes’ Europe Laboratory will meet at the Eurispes headquarters.

The first meeting of the new year kicks off a new cycle of analysis and evaluation of European scenarios within the Institute’s permanent structure. The Europe Laboratory is currently coordinated by Prof. Umberto Triulzi, an economist and professor of European Economic Policy at the Sapienza University, who has always been committed in the international sphere to the development and dissemination of policies with the primary objective of enabling the construction of a different, cohesive Europe, capable of tackling and overcoming internal divisions and the profound crisis of the current European model. Prof. Triulzi has given his availability to temporarily take over the management of the activities from Carmelo Cedrone, coordinator of the Laboratory since 2017, a trade unionist and convinced Europeanist, who passed away a few months ago, in order to continue the work carried out so far and the one planned for the near future. «Cedrone was a great worker, a great scholar, a lover of European issues and, above all, he was an individual who always needed to find an answer» commented the Professor, «It is really hard to imagine being able to imitate the role, the responsibility, the intelligence of Carmelo Cedrone’s way of working».

This first meeting of the 2023 coordination marks the beginning of a renewed path for the Europe Laboratory, firmly rooted in its intention to propose useful ideas to try to bring citizens and European institutions closer together and to recover the gap that has developed between them, while remaining a place of meeting and confrontation open to all those working for a better Europe. «We want to push Europe to change and we have to convince Europeans to demand change. This represents our mission and the legacy that Carmelo left us», this is the unanimous message conveyed by the coordination of the Laboratory.

Many topics will be addressed during the meeting, mainly related to possible proposals on topics of interest in the political-institutional, economic, social and cultural spheres, and linked to expectations concerning the process of European unification and integration, also in light of the new historical phase underway, which started with profound changes in society, in Europe and worldwide.

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