The Europe Laboratory

The Europe Laboratory is coordinated by Carmelo Cedrone and includes academic experts and civil society representatives, and professionals.

Europe has reached a turning point. The financial and economic crisis has brought to light the fundamental contradictions on which the EU and the Eurozone rests. The difficulties encountered by the Union in solving the real problems faced by its citizens are evident today. A change of pace is needed. The time has come to tackle the fundamental issue that concerns us: the democratic matter and “the very idea of Europe”. We need to launch a “European Renaissance” to react to the political, cultural and demographic decline of Europe in an existential crisis. This new course can only begin if we decide to put people back at the centre of our attention and action, to prevent a new crisis from finding us again unprepared.

The Laboratory’s objective is to propose valuable ideas to bring citizens and European institutions closer together and recover the gap between them and build a different Europe.

Why belong to the Union?

Europe Laboratory’s conviction is that belonging to the European Union must be the consequence of a conscious evaluation of the economic, social and political advantages that each member state can derive from it.

It is, therefore, necessary to remain in Europe to:

complete the Eurozone integration measures (progressive integration) while also changing some Eurozone policies and/or speeding up some long-stalled actions. In particular, we need a change in the economic and social paradigm that guides the Eurozone, hence completing the whole package concerning finance, banking, the ESM (European Stability Mechanism), the question of investment, debt. We should also relaunch demand and involve social partners more in the EC and the Union choices. Therefore, we aim to define new rules and new institutions, contribute through an open and accessible debate, and elaborate proposals to increase overall benefits and improve their allocation.


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Notizie e Approfondimenti Osservatorio

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