Eurispes at the 4th International Forum “Modern Problems of Law and Economics in Europe and Asia”

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An increasingly close, organic, interdisciplinary and systemic approach to sustainable development issues, in accordance with the recommendations of the major international institutions, including the UN, was exemplified in a recent forum dedicated to the integration of economics and law, held in Moscow in mid-September.

The International Forum was entitled “Modern Problems of Law and Economics in Europe and Asia“, is an initiative now in its fourth edition and organised by the Alliance of Jurists and Economists, promoted by Prof. Alain Duflot of the French University of Lyon III together with Prof. Maria Egorova, from Moscow’s Kutafin State Law University (MSAL) and Prof. Stephan Breu, Secretary of the Swiss Centre for International Humanitarian Law, from J.H. Pestalozzi University in Miami (USA).

Eurispes, an official partner of the initiative, was represented by its Secretary General, Prof. Marco Ricceri, who addressed the issue of the quality of regulation needed to accelerate the sustainability process, and by two members of the Institute’s Scientific Committee: Magistrate Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini, who illustrated the commitments of the Italian G20 Presidency in the fight against corruption, and Prof. Fabrizio Zucca, who explained the implications for businesses of the new European directive on sustainability reporting.

There was great support and participation from the Italian scientific world in this original international initiative, highlighted by the contributions presented by lecturers from numerous Italian universities: “Sapienza” and “Tor Vergata” in Rome, “Federico II” in Naples, the universities of Trieste, Pavia, Teramo, the “Gabriele d’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara, the University of Foggia, the University of Catania, and the Pegaso telematic university. There was extensive discussion with scientific experts from other continents to identify practical proposals and recommendations aimed at developing an organic framework between the regulation of economic processes and their implementation in an era of increasingly radical change.

The speech by the Secretary General of Eurispes, Prof. Marco Ricceri, is available at the following link

This content is also available in: Italian


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