Bandung-Belgrade-Havana: future and perspectives. Eurispes Secretary General Marco Ricceri attends the international multidisciplinary conference

On November 11, the Secretary General of Eurispes, Prof. Marco Ricceri, will present a paper on the perspectives of the coordination of the BRICS states and the presidency of China in the year 2022 at the inter- and trans-disciplinary conference entitled “Bandung-Belgrade-Havana in global history and perspective: what dreams, what challenges, what projects for a global future?” that will take place in Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia, on 8-13 November.

The conference is organised by the Director of the Master’s programme on relations with Asia at the University of Le Havre-Normandy, Prof. Darwis Khudori, who is also a member of the Scientific Committee of Eurispes, in cooperation with the Indonesian government agency ANRI, and the Indonesian universities ‘Padjadjaran’ in Bandung, ‘Airlangga’ in Surabaya, and ‘Udayana’ in Bali.

The meeting will be attended by a large group of international experts from the five continents who have come together to assess the complexity of the processes of change taking place in the system of international relations and governance and to draw up recommendations as a contribution to the representatives of the states participating in the G20 summit scheduled to take place in Indonesia (in Bali) on the following days, 15 and 16 November 2022.

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