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Prime Minister Draghi acclaimed at Confindustria Assembly

TV News from 20 to 24 September – A wide range of political coverage in the first part of the week, focusing on the approval vote on the justice reforms and developments on the green pass front. Good economic data for the Country, with growth forecasts at 6%, show a climate of confidence in the editions, strengthened by the real triumph obtained by Prime Minister Draghi at the assembly of Confindustria, also reported by all newspapers. On Monday, Tg4 began a countdown to the 42 reforms that must be completed within 100 days to obtain the second part of the Recovery Fund. On Monday, the GKN affair in Campi Bisenzio was the focus of both Tg4 and Tg La7, both predicting a “hot autumn” on the labour side.

State-Mafia negotiations, for Mediaset “history has been rewritten”.

The ruling of the Court of Appeal in Palermo on the State-Mafia negotiations, which overturns the verdict of the first degree acquitting the leaders of the Ros and the former Senator Marcello Dell’Utri, arouses very different reactions among the prime time TV News. Great emphasis for Mediaset newspapers, with opening, on Thursday for Tg4 and Tg5 that, also on Friday, dedicates the first title and cover to this issue, followed by an editorial by Pierluigi Battista. On the other hand, the interest of Rai’s channels is moderate, since they deal with it only from the middle of the edition (third-fourth place headlines), with two reports, but without any particular comments. Faced with this turning point in an investigation that has lasted fifteen years, the Tg5 speaks of “history rewritten” and, through the interventions of the center-right (Salvini, Del Mastro, Ronzulli), seems to relate these developments to the theorem of the attack of the Judiciary against Berlusconi; only Tg La7 (Friday) addresses the merits of the judgment and, while waiting for the reasons, collects the criticism of the sentence both by the former Magistrate Ingroia, and by Judge Borsellino’s family.

Little space was given to Covid in the news broadcasts. Tg4 and Tg La7 against the no-vax. The Vatican, the Pope’s confessions

On the front of the fight against Covid, the numbers of the contagion, which are more contained during the week, are undertone in the lineup, with the attention of the headlines that focus on the green pass and the contrast to the no-vax positions. The internal divisions within the League on these issues, with half of the deputies deserting Wednesday’s vote on the green pass, are very evident in the RAI news, with Tg3 leading the way, while Gennaro Sangiuliano’s paper tries to stamp out the flames. The Mediaset Tg’s also lined up against the “self-declaration” of the Chambers on the certificate obligation, with Tg4 continuing its investigation on the bizarre anti-Covid prescriptions of the site “”, which ended up at the centre of the controversy because of its presence in a meeting at the Senate at the invitation of some of the Lega’s deputies. Milena Gabanelli’s reportage on the role of general practitioners in relation to the measures adopted by the NRP was interesting.

Little interest in international scenarios, with Biden’s declarations at the UN on the environment only reported by Rai (opening Tuesday for Tg3 and Tg1). Much more attention is paid during the week to the Pontiff’s statements on the Vatican fringe that, unequivocally, “wanted him dead” and was ready to call a Conclave if his physical condition worsened.

Great attention to little Eitan and the Saman case. Mattarella praises the champions of Tokyo 2021

The chronicle page is very rich. Great interest in the sentences for mafia association to the Roman clan of Casamonica (Monday headlines for Tg1, Tg3 and Tg La7). High attention is paid to cases of female murder, with updates (Wednesday) on the story of Saman following the arrest of her uncle in France (6 headlines). There are numerous reports on Eitan, with interviews with the two branches of the family who are fighting over the child between Italy and Israel.

On Thursday, Rai and La7 news headlines included President Mattarella’s tribute to the Olympic and Paralympic champions of Tokyo, the protagonists of a magical Italian summer, at least in terms of sport.

This content is also available in: Italian

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