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In the news, the “triumph” of the Draghi government and the “pro-European” Salvini. Tg4 against the “useless” Ministry for Environmental Transition

The news from February 8 to 12 – The procedure for the establishment of the Draghi government obviously absorbs a large part of the editions (over 40% of the headlines), occupying almost always the opening. All the news channels were confronted with an unprecedented scenario, in which the political forces were “pacified” and, therefore, even the evening news was inclined to acclaim the new government with open arms. According to the sociologist Mauro Magatti, a guest on Wednesday’s Tg5, Mattarella’s decision to appoint Draghi has produced a moment of “sobriety” and agreement between the parties, and the end of the climate of continuous brawling that accompanied the last months of Conte 2, a climate that which we hope will continue.

In the context of the “pax draghiana”, the analysis of the newspapers focuses on the turnaround of the League, with Salvini’s party passing in a few days from positions that are more than “Eurosceptic” to enthusiastic support for the government led by the saviour of the Euro (in-depth analysis for Tg3, Tg5 and Tg La7). The political and informative pax was broken only by Tg4, which on Thursday lashed out at the 5 Stars, attacking the new department for ecological transition, defined as “another useless ministry”. The rift in the Movement, highlighted by the results of the vote on the Rousseau platform, is at the forefront of the other Mediaset titles, while the rift within the centre-right coalition, due to Giorgia Meloni’s decision to remain in opposition, is followed more closely by Rai and La7 news.

The space dedicated to Covid’s figures is very compressed, with only three openings this week, all on Studio Aperto. Attention in the services to the spread of variants, destined to supplant the original strain. Monday’s in-depth report on Tg5 was a good one, which, in dealing with the tragedy of the victims of the epidemic – now over 90,000, and above all among the elderly -, questioned Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, who spoke of a number of measures to make the old age of many Italians more dignified.

The epidemic also finds space on the foreign page, with Von Der Leyen’s self-criticism on the limits and errors of EU initiatives for the supply of vaccines. On Thursday, attention will also be paid to the results (which are expected) of the WHO team’s visit to Wuhan on the origin of the pandemic, which will (perhaps) put an end to theories of a “laboratory-produced” virus.

Even in a rather convulsive week, the Donald Trump impeachment trial garners 6 headlines, with 3 large, highly critical La7 news coverage, featuring disturbing, unedited scenes from the assault on Capital Hill.

This content is also available in: Italian

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