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Recovery Plan, by Tg La7: a “conquest”. Now the “Indian” contagion frightens. Red Terrorism: “End of the Mitterrand doctrine”.

Tv news from 26 to 30 April – The approval of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) is, as expected, the central theme of the week’s news. There was a raft of openings between Monday and Tuesday (16 in total), with 4 first headlines (Tg Rai and La7) on Thursday 29th, the day the Recovery Plan was launched. In spite of the importance of this step, and the relaunch of Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s statements calling into play “Italy’s destiny”, there is a lack of comments or analysis looking “inside” the complex measure. The only exception is Enrico Mentana who, apologising for the “obviousness” of the consideration, speaks of the launch of the PNRR on Thursday as the “most important thing that has happened in our country” since the start of the pandemic.

Strong attention was paid to the risk of contagion from India, the subject of 19 headlines and several openings. Particularly alarming was the coverage by Tg4, which denounced the lack of controls carried out on citizens of Indian origin who had arrived in the country, questioning the validity of the controls carried out in those of departure. After the vote of no-confidence against the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, did not produce any concrete results, the News Mediaset channel tried to put him “in the crosshairs” again, this time by stopping a family of Indian origin as soon as they left the airport, and gathering the sceptical comments of some Italian citizens. The coverage of Tg5 and Tg2 is more balanced, as they also deal with the dramatic situation in India, showing images of bodies burnt in the streets.

From the middle of the edition, space is given to the numbers of the contagion in Italy, with the curve continuing its slow descent in a national scenario increasingly tending to yellow (openings, on Friday, for Studio Aperto and Tg2). Relief and satisfaction for the achievement, Thursday 29, the 500 thousand daily vaccinations. Fierce as always the Tg4, which proposes an investigation in several services against the inefficiencies of the transport network in the capital, denouncing violations of the rules that encourage the spread of contagion.

The arrest in France of a dozen red terrorists who had been living there unpunished for decades was a major story in Wednesday’s editions, claiming five openings (and the first headline for Tg5 on Thursday as well). Satisfaction for all, with the Mediaset and Tg2 news offering various testimonials and in-depth reports. Among these, the intervention on Wednesday’s Tg4 by Colonel Di Petrillo on the end of the “Mitterrand doctrine” and the cover of Thursday’s Tg5, which offers a bitter judgment: “They hand them over to us after they have enjoyed life, an opportunity that they have denied their victims”.

Also in foreign affairs, headlines on Friday’s RAI and La7 TV news focused on Russia’s reaction to the EU’s sanctions, with the banning from the country of several personalities, including the president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli.

The new “earthquake” shaking the judiciary, produced by the disclosure of the secret minutes of the lawyer Piero Amara, stands out on Friday at the opening of both Tg4 and Tg La7, with a double headline for the latter.

On Wednesday, the release of Zan’s ddl against homotransfobia is mentioned in the headlines of Tg3 and Tg La7, and in the reports for the other RAI newspapers. On Tuesday there was a rare ” shared view” between Studio Aperto and Tg3, which highlighted in the headlines the sentence acquitting a 49-year-old man from Arezzo, suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, of the charge of dealing in cannabis for medical use. Tg2 also focused on social issues, with a headline on a centre for women in Enna, which risks closing because its activities have not been refinanced.

This content is also available in: Italian

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