Italy-Russia dialogue workshop on the Third Sector

Dialogue Workshop between Italy and Russia

Tuesday December 7, 2021, 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Russian Centre of Science and Culture

Piazza Cairoli, 6 – Rome

The Third Sector’s contribution to a fair and solidarity-based development

The Italian experience of Link 2007 – Network Cooperation

The Russian project “Smart Civilization”




Daria Pushkova

Director of the Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Rome

Marco Ricceri

Secretary General of Eurispes Institute


Presentation of the Russian delegation of Third Sector experts and Link2007 representatives



Amb. Roberto Ridolfi

President of LINK 2007 NGO Network

Mission, structure, activities of LINK 2007

Prof. Marine Voskanyan

Director of the Institute “Smart Civilization”, Russian State University of Human Sciences (RSUH)

Presentation of the project “Smart Civilization: Partnership between NGOs.

Experience and prospects for cooperation between the third sector in Russia and Italy”.

Delegate representative FTS (National Forum of the Third Sector)

The role and organisation of Third Sector associations based on Italian legislation


Debate among experts


Deepening of the main problems and perspectives of the Third Sector.

Evaluation of possible future collaborations

between Italian and Russian scientific institutes and operational bodies of the Third Sector.



EURISPES and LINK 2007 would like to express their sincere gratitude to the Russian Centre of Science and Culture of Rome for the precious collaboration offered in the realisation of this initiative.





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