Italy reopens and breathes again. Report of the Eurispes-CoRiS Sapienza Tv News Observatory

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Reopening and curfew, Italy breathes again. The ‘designation-game’ rise to the Quirinal. DDL Zan, Tg4: “No to gender ideology in schools”. 11 days of war in Gaza. Touching farewell to Battiato.



Tv News from May 17 to 21 – Many topics are crossed in a week characterised by the gradual relaxation of security measures, which absorb most openings between Monday and Wednesday. On Thursday, almost all of the newspapers dedicated their front pages to the “Sostegni bis” decree’s announcement, with headlines emphasising Prime Minister Draghi’s assurance that “no one will be left behind.” On Friday, the Prime Minister continued to take the lead, speaking at the Global Health Summit in Rome and expressing Italy’s support for expanded vaccination in the poorest countries and his support for patent suspension.


President Mattarella was the focus of attention this week, with 16 mentions in the news. Since Wednesday, his declaration that he will not accept a possible second term in office has sparked a debate about who will be the next President of the Republic: Tg4 and Tg5 have begun, with Tg7’s Mentana delving into the parties’ reactions at the end of the report. Also worth noting is an editorial in Friday’s Tg5 by Pier Luigi Battista, who criticises the parties for not treating the Colle (The President of the Republic) with respect, referring to “toto-nominees of a public company” eight months after Mattarella’s appointment.


In a framework made more serene by the continuous reduction of hospitalised and positive patients, the “political chronicle” returns to the top of the charts. It is the case of the request of the European Court to motivate the sentence that in 2013 condemned Berlusconi for tax fraud: opening Monday for Tg4 (which returns on the topic several times during the week), with an intervention also of the ex-Public Prosecutor Palamara (titles also for Tg3 and Tg5). Only Tg La7 deals with the decision of the Senate Guarantee Council, which restored the allowance to former Senator Formigoni, despite his conviction for corruption with a final sentence.


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is still being closely followed, as evidenced by 19 headlines and an opening by La7 news on Tuesday. Moreover, Tg La7 investigates Friday the population’s opinion on the conflict and presents a specific Data room by Milena Gabanelli dedicated to the latest Middle Eastern events that led to this recent escalation of violence, which has claimed the lives of over 240 people.


With seven headlines between Tuesday and Wednesday, the exceptional wave of arrivals – over 8,000 migrants – in the Spanish enclave of Ceuta draws attention back to the migratory phenomenon from a European perspective. This time, the information is also constrained by the narrative of the ’emergency.’ Only a few services document the images from the Moroccan border, delving into the reasons for so many simultaneous arrivals (good in-depth analysis by Tg2), leaving room for interventions from those who fear a new invasion from the African coast. On the other hand, little attention was paid to Thursday’s summit in Tunisia, at which Minister Lamorgese, aided by European diplomacy, signed new agreements easing repatriation. The interview with European Commissioner for Internal Affairs Johansson on News Mediaset on Thursday, proposed by Studio Aperto and Tg5, was fascinating. On Wednesday, RAI and La7 news broadcasts focused on the Sea Watch case, in which Captain Carola Rackete was found to have acted “in a state of necessity.”


The day against homophobia on Monday brought the Zan bill debate back to the forefront for a day, with headlines on Rai and Tg5 news, thanks to the President of the Republic’s intervention. However, there was a lack of in-depth coverage to assist the prime-time audience in getting to the heart of the divisions. The only ‘exception’ was Tg4, which dedicated more than two-thirds of its edition on Tuesday 18 to a scathing attack on the administrative offices of the Lazio Region for the distribution of a note on a gender diversity training course for teachers. A stated stance that saw the presenter reiterate in the studio the “opposition of Tg4 to gender ideology in schools,” which was also supported by the presence of Family Day President Gandolfini.


The death of the great singer-songwriter Franco Battiato was the subject of a prime-time tribute on Tuesday, with openings for Tg3 and Tg5 and headlines for the others, followed by recalls and interviews in the days that followed. Some of the combinations proposed in the reports are poetic, such as the one on Mount Etna’s eruption, which is said to have greeted its poetic son in this manner.

This content is also available in: Italian

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