Infrastructure and the building sector in Italy: presentation of the Eurispes survey

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On Tuesday 17 May, at 5.00 p.m., a conference will be held at the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale in Rome to present the results of the Survey on infrastructure and the building sector in Italy.

Eurispes has carried out this survey with the aim of exploring the state of the sector and the adequacy of the infrastructure system in our Country. The survey is divided into two Sections in which topical issues such as the effects of the Recovery Plan on the sector, the safety of infrastructures, the problems linked to the narrow-mindedness of companies and those arising from an excess of bureaucracy and legislative provisions, SEZs, the City Plan, the new BIM technologies, but also the need to supervise the sector in terms of the legality maintenance are addressed; finally, one of the Sections contains interviews with politicians, technicians and experts who enhance the research from a key perspective.

The work includes, at the opening, greetings from the President of Eurispes, Prof. Gian Maria Fara. This will be followed by an introduction by the Hon. Luca Danese, President of the Eurispes Observatory on Infrastructure, Transport and Logistics. Speeches will be given by the Hon. Francesco Paolo Sisto, Undersecretary for Justice, by the Hon. Raffaella Paita, President of the Permanent Commission for Transport, Posts and Telecommunications of the Chamber of Deputies, by the former National Anti-Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor, Mr. Federico Cafiero de Raho, by Magistrate Giovanni Tartaglia Polcini, MAECI Legal Advisor, by Engineer Ercole Incalza, and by Prof. Gustavo Piga, Professor of Political Economy at the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

For organisational reasons, admission to the Hall is allowed after accreditation by sending an e-mail to

This content is also available in: Italian

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