War on Covid-19, Draghi’s offensive is broadcast in the News

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News from 1 to 5 March 

The new phase of the war on Covid-19, inaugurated on Tuesday with the latest Dpcm, dominates the editions with 24 out of 35 openings. With the surge in the number of infections, which on Friday reached 24,000, the prime time news programmes seem to support the actions of the executive, documenting the evolution of the scenarios and – as during the first wave – collecting testimonies from the most affected places.

There is widespread appreciation for Draghi’s moves, starting with the replacement of Arcuri (Tg4, Studio Aperto and Tg La7 speak of “sacking” at the beginning) and the indication of his successor, General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo. Attention to the European source with the blocking, in agreement with the Commission, of the shipment of the drug AstraZeneca bound for Australia – a country that, at the moment, has only 5 thousand infected, but no news reports this. Headlines for all on Thursday, with the Mediaset news broadcasting an interview with President von Der Leyen, praising Italy’s handling of the pandemic. Tg4 was particularly satisfied, applauding the discontinuity between Conte and Draghi also on Tuesday, appreciating the PM’s absence at the press conference to illustrate the new measures managed by the competent ministers.

Zingaretti’s resignation

In a scenario dominated by the pandemic, Zingaretti’s resignation as leader of the Democratic Party (PD) burst on Thursday like a thunderbolt, claiming six openings. Faced with a Democratic Party now devoid of an apex figure, the Mediaset TV news went into a frenzy, with Tg4 dedicating a double opening to the issue, with comments by Sansonetti and Paolo Guzzanti, attributing the crisis of the Democrats to the opening towards the 5 Star party. On Friday, Mentana also spoke on these issues, recalling and underlining the role played by the Democratic Party in recent political history, while a report indicated the weight that the SVAG poll, proposed on Monday by La7 news and which saw the Democratic Party in strong decline to the advantage of the 5 Star “led” by Conte, may have had in determining the choice of Zingaretti.

The Pope in Iran: a historic apostolic journey

The historic apostolic journey of Pope Francis to Iraq – the first visit by a pontiff to the cradle of the Abrahamic faiths (Tg La7) – was followed between Thursday and Friday by all the newspapers, with 12 headlines and the opening of Studio Aperto on Friday. In-depth reports on Tuesday by Tg5 and Wednesday by RAI, with Tg2 reporting on Friday Marco Tarquinio’s commentary on the Pontiff’s “courage”.

The detention of Patrick Zaki

Still in the foreign section, the prolonged detention of Patrick Zaki produced general indignation, with headlines for Tg3 and La7. Space was given to the repressions in Myanmar on the 8 p.m. news (headline for Tg1 on Tuesday). The European turn of Orban, who has left the EPP, is only in the headlines of the La7 news on Wednesday, but it is also taken up and investigated by the other 8 p.m. news.

The question of migrants

During the week, increasing attention was paid to news from the migrant front, with Studio Aperto dedicating its opening Wednesday “alone” to the migrant issue, which is already dividing the majority, showing a position not shared by the other newspapers. This renewed interest once again proved to be “ancillary” to the interventions of a Matteo Salvini involved in the Gregoretti investigation. Thus, on Friday, the leader of the Italian League was able to flaunt his forecasts on this year’s landings (120 thousand). On Wednesday, the Tg3 news report was very interesting, with the hard testimony of a migrant who arrived with her son in Trieste, shedding light on the complexities and dangers of the Balkan route.

This content is also available in: Italian

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