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News from 13 to 17 September

Green Passes on the fast track

The debate on the Green Pass, which will affect both public and private sector workers from 15 October, resulted in 16 openings this week. With the unanimous agreement reached in Thursday’s Council of Ministers meeting, primetime is applauding the new regulations, having already relaunched Prime Minister Draghi’s calls for responsibility on Tuesday: “Things must be done even if they are unpopular”. In the reports, space was given to the opposition, which, however, limited themselves to “poking” the regulation, claiming that the COVID-19 test should be free of charge.

von der Leyen’s tribute to Bebe Vio’s Italy

On Wednesday, the Council of Europe, with President Sergio Mattarella’s remarks, received great attention, opening the Rai and Studio Aperto TV news programmes. The Mediaset news also praised the second State of the Union address by President Ursula von der Leyen, both for the topics discussed – strengthening of monetary union and the establishment of a common army – and for the European leader’s tribute to Paralympic athlete Bebe Vio. Similar attention was paid on Friday to Prime Minister Draghi’s passionate interventions on climate change at EUMED 9 in Athens, in an international scenario in which Italy’s words seem to be assuming ever greater weight.

Mediaset, the war against the no-vax people continues

In an atmosphere calmed by the hopeful data on the contagion, the RAI TV news appeared to be “disengaged”, and did not record any particular positions or editorials, limiting themselves on Thursday to relaying virologist Anthony Fauci’s appreciation of Italy’s management of the pandemic. The Mediaset newspapers continued their campaign against Minister Luciana Lamorgese, who was mentioned in eight headlines and was the subject of a Tg5 report on Wednesday. However, this time, the tone is calmer even from Tg4, with the speaker Sansonetti dissenting from the criticism of the League and Fratelli d’Italia for the aggression in Rimini. During the week, the Mediaset TV news programmes continued to target the no-vax movement. Tg4 was particularly fierce, opening on Wednesday on the new intimidations against the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office and then analysing, in their reports, how these fringes feed their circuits of disinformation. One example is Friday’s attack on the ‘HippocrateOrg’ website, accused of feeding fake news about the virus. In a criticism that which spares not even the “friends”, the Mediaset TV News headline opens, on Tuesday, on the controversy caused by the Lega conference organised at the Senate on home healthcare. Titles on all Mediaset headlines to the data of the Gimbe Foundation, which identifies in the unvaccinated almost all Covid patients in intensive care.

Also on the Mediaset TV news resurfaces, Thursday, the long-standing conflict of interest of the politician-publisher Berlusconi. Once again, it is the relationship with the judiciary, following the request for a psychiatric report – perhaps with not very accommodating tones – as part of the process “Ruby Ter”: opening for Studio Aperto and Tg4, headline for Tg5, with the editorial of the now ever-present Piero Sansonetti. Also, a guest of Tg4, the director of Il Riformista blew up and even called “the Democratic Party for taking to the streets against a fascist attack”. The RAI TV news gave minimal attention to the case, with headlines on Tg1 and Tg La7.

Patrick Zaki goes on trial after 19 months

The first, long-awaited hearing in the trial of Patrick Zaki, with the definition of the charges for the Egyptian student who has been in pre-trial detention for 19 months, is in the headlines on Tuesday for RAI TV news and on 8pm TV news edition, with Mentana once again criticising the Foreign Ministry for its lack of sensitivity towards the al-Sisi government. The evening news is absorbed by the story of little Eitan, the only survivor of the Mottarone tragedy, now at the centre of the media scene because he has been kidnapped and fought over by his two family lines: during the week, there were 23 headlines and numerous interviews with relatives on both sides.

This content is also available in: Italian

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