Eurispes at the international conference “The Rise of Asia” coordinates the session on BRICS

Eurispes at the international conference “The Rise of Asia”

Paris – Le Havre, 8-10 February 2023


Eurispes will participate in the annual international conference “The Rise of Asia” promoted by the University of Le Havre, Normandy, in collaboration with the Sorbonne University of Paris, scheduled from 8 to 10 February 2023. The new edition of the conference, which is interdisciplinary in nature, will address the following theme: “Global crisis: what impacts and what perspectives for Asia and the world?”. On this occasion, the assessments made by experts participating in the BRICS Laboratory promoted by Eurispes will be presented.

The opening session, at La Sorbonne University, will assess the main results of the G20 summit held in 2022 in Indonesia and the prospects outlined for moving forward in the common challenge of sustainable development, even in an international phase of great tensions and conflicts. The Secretary General of Eurispes, Marco Ricceri, will give a speech focused on the theme of the elements useful for building a profitable system of collaboration with the main emerging economies, starting with Africa – a reality of primary interest also for Italy – a continent in which South Africa holds the rotating presidency of the coordination of the BRICS states in 2023.

In the programme of the thematic sessions, which will take place at the University of Le Havre-Normandie, in virtue of the recognition of the valuable work carried out with the Laboratory, Eurispes has been entrusted with the coordination of a specific session dedicated to the policies of the BRICS, in particular with reference to their strategies for sustainable development and enlargement to new members of the coordination (BRICS Plus). The title of the session is “South Africa and the BRICS 2023 Presidency. What prospects for the coordination’s internal and external cooperation?”. These issues are considered to be of great relevance and interest in the European and international spheres to the extent that, due to the high number of adhesions of the speakers-experts, the conference organisers had to articulate the initiative into two separate, albeit coordinated sessions.

It should be emphasised that thanks to the positive relationship built up over the years by Eurispes and its BRICS Laboratory with the two French universities, Prof. Darwis Khudori of the University of Le Havre, promoter of this important international initiative involving approximately 300 experts and academics from all over the world, has become a permanent member of Eurispes’ Scientific Committee.




Secretariat, International Conference “The Rise of Asia”

Université Le Havre Normandie, France

Attachments: Programme of the general session in Paris and thematic sessions in Le Havre







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