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All eyes on Draghi as “European” leader. Hungary lodge, the cards at Tg La7. The clash over the RAI allotment “covers” the debate on the Zan draft law.
TV News from 3rd to 7th May – A great deal of space was given this week to the international meetings in which Prime Minister Draghi took part, from Tuesday’s G20 on tourism to the European meeting on employment: 21 headlines, including 10 at the start. In these contexts, the former ECB leader’s experience emerges and his personal image as a “European” leader is strengthened, with positive repercussions on the country’s credibility. Particular emphasis was placed on Friday on the statements made at the Oporto summit, which advocated a more ethical dimension for the Union, with no country “left behind”. Satisfaction was also expressed by Tg4 and Tg2 which, on Thursday, reported in the headlines the appreciation expressed by President Von Der Leyen for the role played by Italy last spring in urging a cohesive European response to the pandemic.

Also on Thursday, Joe Biden’s proposal for a temporary liberalisation of vaccine patents to allow rapid production even in the poorest countries was featured on Tg1, Tg4 and Tg La7, with reports and reflections also in the following evenings. Worthy of note on Friday’s Tg5 is Pierluigi Battista’s editorial, which states that Biden’s choice is practical and not ideological.

As far as national politics are concerned, Mediaset and La7 TVs paid a great deal of attention to the enquiry in the judiciary involving the Csm in relation to the alleged Ungheria lodge, with Mentana’s TV News broadcasting exclusive statements by Pietro Amara on Thursday that would reveal the existence of this “hidden power centre”. Tg4’s judgement was very harsh: on Monday, the constitutionalist Sabino Cassese complained that the President of the Republic had failed to intervene.

On Thursday, 4 October, Tg4 reported on the attack against the fishing boat in Mazara by a Libyan patrol boat, which was allegedly fired at eye level, in a scenario that is still unclear and giving rise to controversy. On Friday, Tg2 interviewed the captain of the boat, who confirmed that he had risked his life.

On Tuesday, shock and indignation at the death of a 22-year-old factory worker in Prato, which brought the issue of road deaths back into the media spotlight for a few days: headlines for all (12 in total between Tuesday and Thursday), with the opening and cover of Tg5, and the opening of Tg1 on Wednesday which, on the same day, interviewed Minister Andrea Orlando, who called for more controls. Still on the subject of news, attention from the headlines on Friday was paid to the appeal sentence in the Cucchi case, which sentenced the two carabinieri to harsher punishment. Also on Friday, Studio Aperto’s report on the increase in the number of citizens turning to magicians or sects was interesting, as a result of a state of psychological difficulty greatly aggravated by the tension and loneliness produced by the pandemic.

Still on the subject of social problems, the surge in landings over the past few days resulted in frightening reports in the middle of the programme, with only Tg3 offering some information on immigration figures on Tuesday after a long time.

The discussion on Zan’s draft law against homophobia has emerged following the controversy stirred up by rapper Fedez, who denounced censorship by RAI for his May Day speech. It has to be said that the services featured the usual debate on the allotment in the Public Service, but no attention was paid to the people who could benefit from this law. Enrico Mentana, on Monday, observed that the same parties that sided with the rapper were, in fact, responsible for the reported censorship. The attitude of Tg4 is certainly decisive, and in its reports it aims at demolishing Fedez’s positions, accusing him of homophobia, and defending the statements of the Lega exponents who were the object of the attacks from the May Day stage.

This content is also available in: Italian

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