Covid, TV News not alarmed by the fourth wave

Contagions in Germany: “to do as Italy does”

The news from November 1 to 5 – After a long absence from the headlines, the pandemic is quickly making its way back into the prime-time line-up, with the increase in contagions in Italy also making headlines on Friday: five news items (Tg Rai, Tg5 and TgLa7). After Ema announced the fourth wave with worrying scenarios, especially in Germany and Eastern European countries, the newspapers relaunched the reassuring statements of our Government, committed to ensuring the third dose of the vaccine as soon as possible. However, to calm the national picture contribute to the data of contagion, as highlighted on Thursday by Tg La7 from the headlines, show how the scenario appears inverted compared to the first months of the pandemic, with the northern regions less exposed to the virus, thanks to the extensive work of vaccination and prevention that leads even German politicians to try to “do as Italy does”.


Glasgow Environment Summit: for Tg1 there are “excellent results”, but “just bluff” for Greta

The surge of contagions brings to the background the Glasgow summit, which dominates the first part of the week (openings for all), with Draghi’s speeches and the agreements reached on Tuesday to fight deforestation, in a scenario that, however, does not yet find all the powers agree on the timing for the green turn. There were double headlines and long reports, except Tg4, which only dealt with the meeting towards the end of the edition and made commentator Guzzanti’s scepticism its own. On the other hand, expert Roberta Boscolo, interviewed on Tuesday by Tg1, defined the agreements announced so far as “a success”. Milena Gabanelli’s Dataroom on Monday on the delays in the green conversion process in Italy, primarily due to bureaucratic delays, was interesting. Towards the end of the week, the spotlight shifted to the youth protest, with Greta Thunberg accusing world leaders of bluffing on Friday, rejecting the results achieved so far.


Draghi’s shadow on the path to the Quirinal. Tg2 glosses over Giorgetti-Salvini clash

Far from the openings, Italian politics appears subdued, with little space dedicated to the approval of the Ddl on competition (headlines, but no opening) and no detailed, in-depth analysis. Commenting on a scenario in which the Prime Minister is becoming increasingly prestigious on an international level, Mentana (Monday) reflects on a political debate that is “stagnating” and ends up – unable to influence the issues involved in the Government’s actions – by projecting itself onto something else, first and foremost the race for the Quirinal. A large amount of space has been allocated to this issue, with Tg5 dedicating its cover story to Tuesday. On the other hand, Mediaset’s Tg2 avoids the internal tensions within the Carroccio, and on Thursday does not even dedicate a headline to the federal summit called by Salvini to reaffirm ” who is in charge” within its party.

Mediaset TV news gave much space to the tensions within the 5 Star Movement and the emergence of a new political force led by Di Battista. The maxi operation that led to the identification of more than 5 thousand illegal beneficiaries of the “Citizenship Income” gains the opening of Tg4 and Tg5 on Wednesday and results in reports that “heat up” the political clash, not without, however, some good points of analysis.


Lamorgese calls on Europe to deal with refugees emergency

The rescue operations in the Mediterranean, which have seen two NGO ships recover more than a thousand migrants left by Malta at the mercy of the waves, bring the topic of landings back to prime time, with Tg4 dedicating the opening. In the headlines, the Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, strongly advocates a greater involvement of partner countries in the reception and distribution of refugees. The Tg3 report on the more than 1,200 Afghan refugees who will arrive legally in Italy through a humanitarian corridor coordinated by the Community of Sant’Egidio was particularly comprehensive.

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