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The Morisi and Fidanza cases land in prime time and on the campaign for local government elections. Tg5 hesitates, Tg4 settles

News from TV News – 27 September to Tg1 October – The week leading up to the vote for the local elections was characterised by an escalation in tensions between the parties, mainly due to two judicial cases involving important figures of the main parties. Although, if in terms of openings, these events have not undermined – except Tg4 – the dominant themes of this phase (Covid, economy, etc.), the sharpening of the political clash has resulted in more than ever partisan editions. Faced with the two investigations involving the former head of communication on the League’s social media, Luca Morisi, and since Friday the MEP of Fratelli d’Italia, Carlo Fidanza, the Mediaset TV news replies with the mantra of the “Centre-right united”, with Tg5 that avoids the investigations and Tg4 that devotes three openings, evoking the conspiracy theory both about the press and the Judiciary. The interest of Tg4 and Tg5 in the rehabilitation of the former ambassador to Kosovo, Giffoni, who was acquitted after seven years of investigation, should also be read from this perspective. Little attention from the RAI news to the case Morisi, while La7 follows both events with greater interest, relaunching, Friday, part of the investigation of Fanpage on the “black lobby” pro-Nazi supported by the exponent of Fratelli d’Italia.


On the other front, the sentence in the trial of the former mayor of Riace, Mimmo Lucano, sentenced to more than 13 years in Locri for his management of contracts on assistance to asylum seekers, received a very different welcome on Thursday: opening for Tg5 and La7, second news for the other Mediaset TV News programs, and mid-range headlines for the Rai TV News programs. However, the newspapers were almost all perplexed when faced with the extent of this sentence – much higher than that requested by the prosecution. La7 Director Mentana was particularly disappointed, who on Thursday openly spoke of a ” too severe” punishment, harsher than that of Luca Traini, sentenced to 12 years for opening fire on foreigner people in Macerata.


Deaths at work, the news reports, the ongoing massacre. Milan, Draghi-Thunberg meeting underwhelming

The first part of the week was dominated by economic issues, with the meetings held between Draghi and the trade unions accompanied by good data on the country’s growth, which exceeded previous estimates. However, much less comforting data were reported between Tuesday and Wednesday, particularly those on the continuous deaths at work, dominated the news for Tg1, Tg2, Tg4, Tg5 and Studio Aperto (twice) and the first news for La7, which opened with Tg3 on the high increases in the next electricity and gas bills. Many positions were taken against this no longer silent massacre, with Prime Minister announcing stricter control measures.


Overall, limited attention was paid to the Environment Week events and the three-day meeting in Milan between YouthTg4Climate youth and ministers in view of the CopTg26 negotiations in Glasgow. Only in the lower part of the editions is space given to the meeting between Draghi and Greta Thunberg, which nevertheless renewed the activist’s harsh criticism of politicians’ useless “blah blah blah”, while Draghi and Cingolani reiterated the need for progressive persuasion of public opinion.


Germany, rebus for the Spd. Merkel: “Auf Wiedersehen”. RAI news presides over Zaki trial

The foreign page is very poor, limited, on Monday, to a report on the elections in Germany and the issue of the formation of a new majority at the probable head of the Spd, after the collapse of Angela Merkel’s party: openings for Rai TV News, TV NewsTg5 and TV News La7. Studio Aperto’s in-depth report on Tuesday on the increase in fuel prices and other imported goods in the UK due to Brexit was remarkable.


Substantial space was given to the episodes of crime, with Tg5 giving much space to the severe episode of matricide by two young women interviewed in the past by the same newspaper. Faced with the paradox of killers who pretend to grieve for their mother’s apparent “disappearance”, on Wednesday, Mimun’s news programme offered an in-depth report in which, with the help of psychiatrist Stefania Andreoli, it attempted to analyse such behaviour.


The RAI news also focused on the Zaki affair, with TV News3 reporting on Monday on the new demonstrations for his release, while TV NewsTg1 and TV NewsTg2 reported that the trial’s second hearing lasted just two minutes and was immediately rescheduled for December. Gennaro Sangiuliano’s news is the only one to headline (Tuesday) on a massive arrival of migrants in Lampedusa, but the report lacks in-depth analysis. On Wednesday, TV NewsTg1 and TV News La7 focused on the Tunisian President, Kaïs Saïed, appointing a woman – university lecturer Nejla Bouden – as Prime Minister, a historic turning point as it represents the first case of a woman leader in an Arab country.

This content is also available in: Italian

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