A recovery without mortgages – Conference

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A mortgage-free recovery

Thursday 17 June 2021


The Campania regional office of Eurispes, in the context of developing an inter-institutional and intersectoral dialogue on the themes of recovery, resilience and legality, has decided to promote a number of seminars to gather ideas, experiences, perspectives and proposals.

The first meeting focuses on indications and points for reflection that are also useful for anticipating society’s response to the risks of organised crime infiltrating the economy.



Lawyer Stefania Pavone, President of the Benevento Bar Association


MORNING SESSION – from 10.30 am

Opening session:

Lawyer Paola Porcelli, Director of the Eurispes office in Campania


Speeches will be given by:

Prof. Gerardo Canfora, Unisannio Rector

Mr. Nicola Caputo, Councillor for Agriculture of the Campania Region

Prof. Felice Casucci, Councillor for Tourism of the Campania Region

Mr. Nicola Graziano, Magistrate at the Court of Naples

Lawyer Carlo Marino, President of Anci Campania

Mr. Carlo Palmieri, Vice President of Industrial Policy Competitiveness Unione Industriali Napoli

Gen. Pasquale Preziosa, President of the Eurispes Observatory on Security

Mr. Ambrogio Romano, President of the Notary Committee Campania Region

Lawyer Giosy Romano, President of Asi Napoli

Ing. Gennaro Vitale, President Ance Campania


AFTERNOON SESSION – from 3.30 pm

Opening session:

Mr. Federico Cafiero de Raho

National Anti-Mafia and Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor


Speeches will be given by:

Mr. Domenico Airoma, Avellino Public Prosecutor’s Office

Mr. Giuseppe Borrelli, Public Prosecutor of Salerno

Mr. Antonio Centore, Public Prosecutor of Nocera Inferiore

Mr. Nunzio Fragliasso, Torre Annunziata Public Prosecutor’s Office

Mr. Aldo Policastro, Public Prosecutor of Benevento

Mr. Antonio Ricci, State Prosecutor of Vallo della Lucania

Mrs. Laura Triassi, Public Prosecutor of the Republic of Nola

Mrs. Maria Antonietta Troncone, Public Prosecutor of S. M. Capua Vetere




The meeting will be broadcast live on Eurispes’ Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPAbTlV0tB-KEjdMbla624A) and on social networks.

This content is also available in: Italian

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