Global Thinking: Research Networks for Europe and the World

The European and international initiatives in which the Eurispes promotes, participates, and organises represent a significant opportunity for the Institute to grow (system of relations, cognitive heritage, new projects). These initiatives imply a much broader commitment than a simple exchange of information, news, and documents; in fact, these activities have led the Eurispes to actively promote and organise permanent European networks, partnerships, collaboration agreements, and projects aimed at addressing strategic issues of contemporary economic and social development.

One of the most positive outcomes of international activities in recent years has been the direct, active participation in the Institute’s Scientific Committee of foreign experts of primary scientific and cultural importance from the institutions and study and research centres with which collaboration has been initiated.

During 2020, the Institute continued to strengthen and qualify its international outreach on the basis of previous years’ cultural and scientific cooperation agreements, as well as in relation to the Institute’s traditional thematic areas of analysis. The exchange of information, documents, ideas, and assessments within European and extra-European networks organised with the Institute’s active participation continued.

Obviously, the global pandemic crisis and the restrictions and closures implemented around the world, particularly since March 2020, have resulted in the cancellation of the previously planned in-person meetings; however, this has not prevented the Institute from continuing its international activities in accordance with the possibilities offered by information and digital technologies.



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