“The horizon of inclusion”: Marco Omizzolo, Eurispes researcher, will take part in the meeting

On Friday September 16th, at 5.30 p.m., the event ” L’orizzonte dell’inclusione – Istanze migranti: azioni per costruire una nuova prospettiva” (The horizon of inclusion – Migrant instances: actions to build a new perspective) will be held at the Sala Dantesca Classense Library (Ravenna). The meeting is being organised by the Ravenna CGIL, with the support of the Coordinamento lavoratrici e lavoratori immigrati della CGIL. Speakers will include: Raffaele Vicidomini, Confederal Secretary CGIL Ravenna, Paolo Fasano, Head of UO Immigration Policies, Municipality of Ravenna, Tatiana Tchameni Paho, Coordinamento lavoratrici e lavoratori immigrati CGIL Ravenna, Marco Omizzolo, Professor of Sociopolitics of migrations Sapienza University of Rome and Eurispes Researcher.

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